Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The CBC will NOT let go of Faux News- the latest

The CBC is up to it's old tricks, folks. They don't want to admit that they were wrong in getting into bed with the White Citizens Council Network. Twenty-six members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) have signed letters to Sen. Barack Obama

Yes, they have sent letters to Obama, Clinton and Edwards.

Afro-Netizen has a copy of the letter.

I think that those of us who think that Obama, Clinton and Edwards did the right thing, need to drop our own emails and phone calls to them.

Hillary Clinton
(202) 224-4451

Clinton Contact Form

John Edwards
Phone: (919) 636-3131
Fax: (919) 967-3644

Edwards Contact Form

Barack Obama
(202) 224-2854

Obama Contact Form

Please let them know that you appreciate them not going to the Faux News Debate, and that you appreciate them going to the Tavis Smiley/PBS Debate in June. Remember, the Tavis Smiley event is a DNC SANCTIONED event; the CBC one is not.

The CBC wanted to crawl into bed with Faux News. Let them choke on it.


rikyrah said...


They're now clowning, calling folks who are against this debate 'liberal activists'.

Um, when did 'liberal' become a derisive word from the BLACK POINT OF VIEW?


These CBC clowns have lost their natural minds.

Anonymous said...


And to the candidates--You dare not, I will be watching what you do.

Brian said...

I'm starting to think that some of these people may be on the Fox Payroll. They are putting quite a bit of effort and time into reviving this event.

Why couldn't they pick PBS or C-span for their debate? There are several alternative networks.
Did they really expect no opposition to Fox news?

I am glad that the candidates took a principled stand and refused to participate. The only way to combat propaganda organizations like Fox, that pretend to be legitimate news networks, is to isolate and ostracize them. By limiting & isolating them, highlighting their bias nonsense, and avoiding their programs, it may force them (eventually) to moderate their behavior and someday live up to their motto- "Fair and balanced".

By embracing the Fox network, the CBC is validating and accepting that network as a legitimate professional news organization. When the truth is, Fox has shown time and time again that it has a political bias that runs contrary to our interests.

The fact that the CBC either can't see this or doesn't care, highlights one of the longstanding problems with this political group-- it is out of touch with the needs and concerns of the people on the ground.

Instead of spending so much time and effort on this, the CBC should be putting much more effort into restoring Black pride and culture, restoring the family, creating jobs in Black communities such as New Orleans, Washington DC, Baltimore, St Louis, Philly and other locations across the country where young black males are killing one another and are not becoming a part of the wider society.

These people are becoming more and more like meaningless figureheads. It begs the question... do we even need a CBC?