Thursday, May 03, 2007

An Interview With Garry Kasparov

Could he one day be called President Kasparov? Maybe. He leaves that possibility open in a new interview from On Point Radio (Boston's WBUR FM). He talks about political uncertainty in Russia and his experiences as one of that country's top opposition figures. He is working to bring real Democracy to Russia...and he's risking his life doing it.

Intro from website:
Grandmaster Garry Kasparov was the youngest world chess champion ever, at 22, when he took the title in 1985. He held it for fifteen years, the longest reign in history.

He beat the titans of the chess world year after year. He lost to IBM's "Deep Blue," then fought back to beat the supercomputer. He then retired to Moscow with the highest chess rating ever.

Now, Garry Kasparov has taken his game to the streets as a high-profile political dissident. He is up against Vladimir Putin at a time when Russia is cracking down on dissent. This is a dangerous game.

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