Wednesday, May 09, 2007

D.L. Hughley Trashes Black Rutgers Players

Another case of a Black man behaving like a Minstrel...and making us look terrible (see video). This is part of what I was referring to when I said that the "Black Community" had a double standard. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. I'm tired of Black skin being used as a pass to destroy us.

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"There were some nappy headed women on the team and those are some of the ugliest women I have ever seen in my life.” -- DL HUGHLEY on Jay Leno.

Where is the outcry from mainstream media, the African American community, or all these people that called for Imus' head on a platter? D.L's last show got canceled so there isn't anyone to boycott. Was it really worth the laugh? Those young women are somebody's daughters. Any ideas?

How can you be complaining about illiteracy rates in the African American community and the state of black America in one breath and then tear down and malign young women who took up the challenge to pursue higher education.

The Rutgers Women's Basketball team members are beautiful! When the world gave them an opportunity to rage and unleash a fury toward Imus, they didn't. That's beautiful! When they had the eyes of the world on them, the exhibited grace and dignity. That's beautiful! When they had every reason and opportunity to malign and attack Imus, they forgave him. That's beautiful! D.L. Hughley's latest venture was canceled so he tried to piggyback on a painful period in our history by attempting to get a laugh on the cheap and THAT. WAS. UGLY!



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Don said...

When you have minimal talent, cheap shots are an effective tactic to mask your shortcomings. It was a senseless remark, just as cruel as Imus'.

He should not be invited back on the Tonight Show. If he is allowed to get away with this comment, it would add fuel to Imus' lawsuit against CBS.

Anonymous said...

I'm finished with him. I'll never buy another ticket for any project of his.

This was so wrong.

My tolerance level is NIL.

Just not having it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Well now I know and we know. I don't tend to forget things like this. Just stupid. I'm tired of this too.