Friday, May 25, 2007

Monica Goodling Testimony Bears Some Fruit

Monica Goodling testified before the House Judiciary Committee this week. Many Republicans are trying to say that her testimony was unhelpful and offered little insight on what was taking place. But from my angle, her testimony revealed a lot about how the Bush Administration operates.

Alberto Gonzales' general argument in this scandal has been that he was not aware of the details and that many of the duties surrounding the firings of the 8 U.S. attorneys were delegated to his subordinates, such as Monica Goodling, Assistant AG Paul McNulty and others. However, Monica Goodling contradicted Gonzales' statements, saying that he met with Karl Rove and was well aware of the details. Hear NPR Report. This is huge, but it has largely been ignored by the big media. She also contradicts Alberto Gonzales's testimony that he had no meetings regarding the firing list. According to Goodling, Gonzales was at a Nov. 27th, 2006 meeting discussing who would be fired. Gonzales is caught lying under oath again!!!!
Goodling also admits that the political leanings of applicants were considered when hiring career emplployees. This just confirms all the other reports & suspicions about the same kinds of activities taking place in other Federal agencies. Goodlings testimony also gives tremendous weight to the idea that the Bush administration was in fact involved in changing the make-up of the DOJ Civil Rights Division, to include fewer African American attorneys. It is no secret that most African Americans vote Democrat.

It's disgusting to sit and listen to these Republicans trying to justify Politics being mixed with DOJ operations. These Republicans are basically saying that Party affiliation should be a higher consideration than the Constitution and the pursuit of Justice. Some of their comments were downright frightening to listen to. Republicans disrupted the proceedings several times. Unreal!!!

Watch a Snippet of the Goodling Testimony, courtesy of Errington Thompson's Blog "Where's The Outrage".

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