Saturday, June 17, 2006

William Jefferson Booted From Committee Job

Congressman William Jefferson Stripped of Committee Seat

Jefferson and the Congressional Black Caucus are a drag on the Democrats right now.

He should have stepped aside on his own rather than dragging this out.

It still bugs me that they spent countless F.B.I. time and resources on this guy when the Congress is full of much bigger fish who are knee deep in corruption & unethical behavior involving far more than $100,000. Many of the top Senators and House members have influence over deals (particularly in the Defense Industry) that range from Millions to Billions. Yet somehow they get a pass.

If there is going to be a cleanup of Congress....let's do a thorough cleaning, getting under all the tables and all parts of the house. Not just certain areas, and sweeping the other trash under the rug.

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Additional report from the Houston Chronicle.


In a related story... a legal showdown is underway regarding the powers of the Executive Branch to raid a Congressional office. There is no law or rule that explicitly bars a raid on a Congressional office, but members of Congress, especially Republicans, feel that they are somehow anointed and protected by the Constitution via a 'separation of powers' argument.

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