Sunday, June 25, 2006

Comment Policy

Comments are welcomed and encouraged. However, there are a few basic guidelines:

1. Please avoid using profanity. Profanity filled comments will either be removed or edited. If you are referring to the title of a piece of literature or art that happens to be adult in nature, please censor the comments accordingly. Please use common sense.

2. No racial, religious or gender based slurs, including slurs related to sexual orientation. If you are using such language to quote or paraphrase what someone else has stated, in the context of making your point, that may be acceptable, if you use common sense and censor the language accordingly, and use quotes.

3. No personal attacks on other readers and certainly no attacks directed at the editors or any of the blog contributors (this will result in automatic deletion). This means no name calling, and no disparaging remarks against the integrity of the authors or suggestions that the authors are stupid, communists, Anti-American, unpatriotic, fascists, etc. No baseless charges. Such comments will be subject to deletion. Disagree with the argument based on the merits and logic without attacking the individual.

4. No pointless internet trolling or vandalism. Some people enjoy spending their free time disrupting blogs that espouse opinions that they may not like, by disagreeing just for the sake of disagreeing. I encourage comments offering an opposing viewpoint. But please support your point of view with good, logical arguments and with evidence, examples, articles, and empirical data whenever possible. If you offer a flimsy case for your position or there is no sound basis for your argument, we will notice.

5. No spam. No linking to products, services or webpages that are not related to the blog entry.

6. Please try to stay on topic.

7. Too much slang or too many errors may require editing. Please use the preview feature and spell check your comments before posting.

8. No linking to/or posting of pictures or videos of an adult nature.

9. No blatantly libelous comments.


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