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Bill Cosby Back In The Headlines Again

Cosby Recently Declared War on "Hip Hop Hustlers".

Is Bill Cosby wrong? I happen to think that Cosby is the bitter pill that a lot of folks need. He is telling the truth (IMO).

I happen to fall more on the side of Bill Cosby. I won't try to defend his every move, or every part of his method, but I like the fact that someone is finally standing up and saying something about the social situation that plagues young Black folks, and about the destruction of the Black image, largely at the hands of degenerate "Hip Hop Culture". I stand behind Cosby for his efforts to get Black folks to be introspective and to take more responsibility for their own communities, education, etc. I particularly like his challenge to parents.

I do believe that Hip Hop culture (the commodified, commercialized part that most youth seem to follow) is a very very serious problem. The "Hip Hop Hustlers" DO in fact need to be challenged. This is a discussion that is long overdue within so-called "Black America" and within "Hip Hop". There are these two camps and they need to be allowed to openly battle it out on an intellectual basis. Let the debate begin. This will be healthy in the end. I would LOVE to see a battle for the hearts and minds of young Black folks.... Currently... the ignorant parts of Black America and of Hip Hop are being amplified while the more cultured, intelligent, moderate, positive parts are overshadowed. It's been this way for the past decade or so, and something needs to be done.

Yes, Blacks are making a little more money now (those who are lucky enough to have work), but the "Black Family" structure and traditional values have been nearly obliterated due to the influence of Hip Hop culture and the wider Popular culture (but moreso because of Hip Hop Culture). Black births out of wedlock are at an all-time high and far too many Black men are going to prison. The High School drop out rate is sky high, while the Black unemployment rate is far higher than the national average.

Meanwhile there is a culture of anti-intellectualism that has swept through so called Black or Urban America.

Now I should stress that not all Hip Hop is a bad influence on youth, but the vast majority of what is promoted IS a bad influence.


(My previous thoughts on the Cosby situation)

Why Is There Such a Dislike for Cosby, especially from certain segments of young Black America?

I have heard one of his programs from his speaking tour (when he was in St. Louis). There was nothing wrong with what he was saying.

Here is a man trying to uplift his people when he sees there is a problem. Too many prominent Blacks, especially Black men, act as if there is nothing wrong and won't stand up and speak out. He's one who is standing up. It seems that whenever there is someone trying to uplift Black folks, they are labeled uncle Toms, are verbally attacked, ridiculed, dismissed, etc. Is his method somewhat rough? Yes... sometimes when it needs to be, and sometimes when it's not warranted...but at least he's speaking out.

What really bewilders me is the fact that Black folks, especially in the so-called Hip Hop Community, rarely express the same kind of animosity towards thugs, & criminals devastating poor inner-city communities, and peddling poison to young folks (in the form of drugs, violence, degrading images, anti-intellectualism, and in the lyrics that many rappers use). Blacks won't even come out to protest against these crazy Hip Hop radio stations in New York and other cities (owned by Clear Channel and other big companies)...stations that make Black folks look horrible and give poor messages to the youth. Sometimes I wonder if Black folks stand for anything anymore. If they had the same dislike for these circumstances and these negative influences in their communities, as they do towards Bill Cosby, then perhaps there would be no need for Cosby to raise his voice...because such problems wouldn't exist in the first place.

Don't kill the messenger!

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