Sunday, June 18, 2006

Japan Raises The Stakes With North Korea Over Missile Test

Japan Warns North Korea that Any Test Missile Landing On Japanese Territory Would Be Considered As An Attack.

Report here...

Meanwhile, Kim Jong Il is making strange moves inside his country. Exactly what is planned, no one is sure. Additional report from BBC. What is this "special broadcast?".

I always thought of him as crazy, but not stupid. Really not so sure at this point. We know, of course, that Crazy and stupid combined is a horrible mixture for sure. I'll keep my fingers crossed hoping that he is just crazy.

Maybe he's suicidal.... that seems to be the case so far...

Or is he just enjoying the international spotlight by bluffing?

One thing that I know for sure is that i'm growing tired of these "Presidents" and dictators of countries around the world who are crazy as hell & yet who enjoy playing these games of brinksmanship, bringing the rest of us (unwillingly) into their maniacal fun..... and who (while crazy) control entire armies and the most powerful weapons on earth. Let's see, there is no shortage of crazy leaders right now. We have Putin in Russia, Kim Jung Il of N. Korea, General Mashariff of Pakistan, Amadinijad of Iran, Bush of the U.S., Hu Jintao of China, Chen Shui-Bian of Taiwan, Olmert of Israel, Assad of Syria.... and that's just a partial list of the usual suspects. And they are all crazy.... (some are crazy AND stupid at the same time)..... and ALL either control the most powerful weapons in the world OR they are in geo-political positions that are so powerful that their actions could affect us all and the course of world history could change based on one decision or miscalculation that they could make at any time. And all of these leaders seem to have emerged at the same time.... making matters even worse. I don't know....have we ever had this many crazy leaders in power at the same time? God Help Us.

The U.S. is partially to blame for this, with its aggressive militarism (which creates these shaky relationships around the world and encourage arms races) and due to its position as the worlds #1 Country in spreading weapons. The U.S. is consistantly placed at #1 in the global arms trade.
Thus the U.S. Defense Industry benefits from a world that is screwed up.... then all of a sudden you have the U.S. promoting its defense industry around the world and keeping relationships poor so that its Defense industry will have a market to sell more weapons...

And we now have a cycle that keeps itself going. This is what we have to deal with because of U.S. Foreign policy. They (pro-war Americans) will never be convinced that waving a big stick in the face of everyone is not the best way to handle Foreign Policy.

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