Sunday, June 04, 2006

When All Else Fails, Turn to the Wedge Issues

Republicans are reviving their plans to turn to wedge issues, as a strategy for the upcoming elections. Remember when Karl Rove quit part of his duties earlier this year to focus on Republican political strategy? Well.... HE'S BAAACK!!!! Apparently, with a vengeance. Bush is once again pushing for a Gay marriage Ban. Additional article here.

When the going gets rough on the important issues, Republicans turn to the wedge issues as a way to split the country and get their ultra religious Conservative base angry and riled up...and ultimately making it more likely that they will go out and vote.

This is specifically designed to make the American public forget about Iraq, the skyrocketing debt, the economic pinch for the middle class and poor in this country, the wrecked U.S. Education system, over 45 million people without health insurance, 1 in 5 children living in poverty, Foreign policy trouble, high fuel prices and the dependence on foreign oil, Political corruption in Washington D.C. on a scale never seen before, Immigration, not enough good paying jobs being created to absorb those coming into workforce (esp. from college), good paying jobs being replaced by slave wage service jobs with few or no benefits, Outsourcing, Trade deficits through the roof, Terrorism growing instead of shrinking, and a host of other problems.

Unfortunately, when Bush starts to use this kind of manipulation, the public usually falls for it. We will have to see if it works this time. In the past, Bush has been able to control the American public as if they were his puppets.

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