Monday, June 12, 2006

Americans About To Lose Free & Fair Access To Internet

Congress Siding With Big Companies in Net Neutrality Debate

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Amy Goodman is reporting that Congress appears to be siding with the big Telecommunications companies. SURPRISE, SURPRISE.... Not really. No surprise to me. This is what many people were hoping would not happen, but were also expecting, considering the track record the the corrupt U.S. Congress which is owned and controlled by American corporations.

These companies must be promising Republicans a lot of support in future elections.... that could include everything from gifts, & campaign donations, to plenty of advertising over their networks. How convenient.

The Senate also has to vote on legislation. Right now, it is unknown what will come out of this. It's still a toss up. But based on this latest info, it doesn't look good.

Find report here from Amy Goodman's program. Audio/Video available. (NOTE: Fast forward to 36 minute mark on media player. Story begins 36 minutes into show).

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