Thursday, June 01, 2006

Chaos Continues in Iraq

Pregnant Woman Shot Dead by U.S. Troops

The U.S. is in a horrible position, considering that this war won't be won and can't be won with military will only be won by winning hearts & minds and giving Iraq true sovereignty.
Incidents like this one spark big backlashes and ensure that the U.S. will continue to lose hearts & minds. And without winning hearts and minds, the U.S. cannot win the war in Iraq.


State of Emergency issued in Basra- Southern Iraq.
Now how can the U.S. withdraw when they can't even establish order?

And as if the Haditha massacre were not enough, U.S. troops killed 2 unarmed women on Wednesday, one of whom was pregnant and was enroute to a hospital to give birth when she was shot to death.

Additional article & analysis from San Jose Mercury.

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