Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Conservative Wacko Ann Coulter Makes Sickening Comments

Ann Coulter: "I have never seen women enjoying their husband’s death so much." --Referring to 9/11 widows

What I really hate is the fact that the major media (State Run media it seems) always gives this nut a platform. Why is she always allowed to get on these mainstream news programs to sell her books? She is seen as some sort of legitimate political commentator, but most of the time she doesn't know what she is talking about....like most commentators around today.

She seems nuttier and nuttier everytime she makes an appearance.
Coulter is part of the Conservative extremist media army which consists of at least a couple hundred high profile commentators, radio announcers, writers, etc. Led by Rush Limbaugh, their job has been to push the Republican religious and pro-war, pro-corporate agenda. There are several of these Right Wing commentators who are just about as crazy as she is. How these people are allowed to have radio and TV shows is a mystery to me. But then again... they control the media, so I guess they can decide who is going to be allowed onto these media outlets.

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Watch video here to see her making the above comments.

These are the kinds of people that Republicans are o.k. with (and in fact WANT) representing them in the media???? Independents and Democrats have to worry about every single nuance, mannerism, and utterance made by anyone in the media representing their side...because the Right wing controlled media industry rips them apart for a wrong eye movement or just for their tone of voice....Every detail is ridiculed. But these Republican commentators are allowed to go on national television and radio to make the craziest, most sickening comments DAILY!!!!! And no one says anything about it? These are serious and glaring double standards!


Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter actually makes George Bush seem somewhat educated...

what a jackass that woman is...

everytime her name is mentioned, I don't bother paying attention. Nothing worthwhile has ever snuck past her lips.

Brian said...

Hey Vintage... Thanks for posting.

I agree. She is a jackass for sure.

I don't understand how people like that get such a huge following and are able to get on national T.V. to spew their nonsense.... then sell their books to boot.

I don't usually pay attention to her either. But in this particular case, her comments caught my eye. I had to post an entry.

Ironic how her supporters claim to be the guardians of Christianity...yet they support people like this and allow them to get away with this kind of behavior without challenging them. Seem to be fake Christians to me.