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Have I been wrong about Europe all these years? I think I may have been.
Over the past few years I have been following the stories about the troubles faced by Black Soccer players in Europe. The reports have been sickening.

And it just made me think of the wider picture. The totality of events from around the world show that Blacks are under attack more than ever. And when put together, things like the inaction by the Western World to deal with Darfur, starvation and suffering in Africa, and other issues all seem to make sense. Not that it makes sense that the World has not responded to these events, but understanding the mindset of the Western world provides some explanation of why there is inaction and little concern for Blacks.
Never in modern history have Blacks been so Prosecuted and so under attack around the world, as they are today.

Let's take a look at what has been going on:

1. You have Black Soccer players in Europe under attack by fans. I really did not know that the situation in Europe was as bad as it is. I feel a little embarrassed by my ignorance, especially since I was born there, and lived there two different times (Italy/Germany) as a youngster. But I am learning.

I always thought of Europe as being more tolerant, with more educated people, more accepting people, etc. I could not have been more wrong. It seems that Europe today is almost where the American South was 50 years ago. It appears that racism is pretty rampant and routine there. I recently saw a big ESPN story about the racism against Black soccer players, & although I had heard of these incidents before, the ESPN story had more details than any previous report. Listen to audio report from NPR.

2. Neo-Nazism in Germany on the rise.

3. Attacks against Blacks and foreigners in Russia are on the rise.

4. African Immigrants and other foreigners in France facing growing discrimination.

5. The selective and racist U.S. policy towards Haitian immigrants.

6. The Worlds Inaction or lack of urgency towards Africans dying of AIDS, Famine, and from war in Africa (especially in Darfur).

In Darfur you have Arabs attack Black Africans....raping women and girls, buring homes, looting, and murdering in Cold blood....as the world watches. Deaths are now estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands. Millions have been displaced.

7. The constant bombardment of negative images of Black people here in the United States.

8. The taboo of racism is still the big elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.
All of these things & much more tell me that there is a social/class war brewing or underway against Black folks around the world. What we seem to have is a social/class caste system such as the one in India, except on a global scale. In India the darker skinned Indians often face more struggle and discrimination.
Even the usually quiet Mariah Carey has brought up the issue. Thumbs up to her for standing up to it when it confronts her.

But I do not remember things ever being this bad in my lifetime. Things seem to be regressing, when they should be progressing away from the racism of the past.

Look at the image of Black men. Black men are the least desirable men of all major ethnic groups, when it comes to who women worldwide are attracted to. This is no coincidence. Of course there are the exceptions, such as the Black movie stars or Black pro athletes and millionaires. But as a whole, this trend is consistent around the world. The white American male...or males from other ethnic groups do not deal with the same social stigma or ostracism.

At one time I thought that the world was getting past this social scourge. How has it been allowed to creep back so easily?

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Anonymous said...

They are envious.Period.At the least the first half of human history - and at the least one half of the human genome - is exclusively Black.They know this,but will not acknowledge the implication.....Plus,all the other races are the result of incest.