Saturday, June 24, 2006

7 Suspects Arrested In Terror Plot

7 Suspects Arrested In Terror Plot

Suspects described as American Black Muslims sympathetic to Al-Qaeda

Will Black men now become the new "Boogeymen" in the War On Terrorism, and a focus of much more attention from authorities? Of course Black men, to a great extent, are already the focus of a lot of police attention. However, does this create the possibility of even more targeting of Black men, and more discrimination from the wider American society?

I say this is a possibility and should be watched for. Time will tell.

Story here

Additional article from the BBC.


Shaun said...

Here in Chicago the networks didn't make excess mention of race beyond the obvious and statements of citizenship/1 haitian, etc, but I wouldn't be suprised if there was a sentiment among viewers of 'whoa black people are doing this now?' as opposed to 'people other than arabs are doing this now?' (Obviously all terrorists aren't arabs, but that's the usual conception, yadda yadda).

But you're right-and this is Chicago-it's hard to get much more biased when reporting black crime.

blackconsciousmen said...

Just like the sniper story that the media sold to the public is unbelieveable, this story has too many flaws.

Also, we have to recognize that the media is bias. And when the towers first felled, they were quick to point fingers at a Black Arab.

So why would anyone want to believe 7 black suspects want to blow up the sears towers?

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