Thursday, June 22, 2006

8 Soldiers Charged With Kidnapping, Murder In Iraq

8 Soldiers have been charged with kidnapping, Murder and other charges in Iraq. This is the second time this week that murder charges have been announced against U.S. Soldiers in Iraq.


From Washington Post via Houston Chronicle

Troops charged with murderEight alleged to have bound and shot an Iraqi could face death if convicted

Washington Post

WASHINGTON - Seven Marines and one Navy corpsman have been charged with murder and kidnapping in connection with the April death of an Iraqi man in a small village west of Baghdad, Marine Corps officials announced Wednesday.

The corps said that the eight sought out Hashim Ibrahim Awad in his Hamdaniyah home, dragged him into the street, bound his hands and feet and shot him during a late-night operation, according to Marine criminal-charge sheets released Wednesday. The troops are members of the fire team with Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. It is unclear what motivated the attack.

The announcement marked the second time this week that the U.S. military has charged troops with murder in Iraq. Army officials announced Monday that three soldiers had been accused of killing three men their unit had captured near Samarra last month, and charged a fourth soldier Wednesday. The cases come as another investigation continues into allegations that a Marine unit gunned down as many as 24 civilians last November in Haditha.

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Previous report of murder charges earlier this week from a different case.

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