Friday, September 28, 2007

Democratic Candidates Square Off At Dartmouth College

The Democratic Presidential candidates squared off at Dartmouth College on Wednesday.

They were all still lying about pulling troops from Iraq, especially Hillary Clinton. However, they also appeared to be more cautious about how many troops to pull out and when. I plan to make a huge post about the "Iraq Withdrawal" question and I will highlight the fact that the whole discussion is a fraud. WAKE UP! There will be no end to the U.S. occupation of Iraq anytime soon, no matter who wins the Presidential election in November of 2008.

The Iraq post is quite long and I have not even begun to type it up. No rush though... since troops will be in Iraq indefinitely, and since the candidates will be lying about withdrawal until election day, I figure I have plenty of time.

Talking Points Memo has provided a video of the highlights from the debate.

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rikyrah said...

I can't wait for your post. You keep on this issue - keep on breaking it down for us.