Thursday, September 27, 2007

Man Shoots Pregnant Girlfriend In Stomach With Sawed Off Shotgun

Unspeakable Brutality Unleashed Against Pregnant St. Louis Woman

Yep.... another gruesome story from the jungle-- the St. Louis metro. Hear the audio blurb from KMOX Radio.

Boyfriend puts a sawed off shotgun to his girlfriends stomach and pulls the trigger... killing the baby and leaving the young lady in critical condition. What's even worse is that it appears that he may have planned this out over a significant period of time... This madness was reportedly brought on as a result of an argument over who was the father of the baby.

The victim was 6 months pregnant. She is currently fighting for her life at a local hospital.


I seem to hear a report like this about once per week....either nationally or locally. And I always ask myself... why won't these women leave these thugs alone? It drives me crazy! After learning about this case, I was reminded about a case in the St. Louis area that occurred about 2-3 years back... A young womans live-in thug boyfriend killed her and her three small children. (picture above) [2] He shot them all execution style. And for what? I don't think the investigators ever found anything close to a logical motive. And on top of all of that... the young woman was working her butt off everyday and taking care of her kids... AND supporting her thug boyfriend. It turns out....that this man was a convicted felon from California. She had recently just met the man and started a live-in relationship with him.

I will be doing a post soon on why some (so many) women are attracted to the "bad boy", the "thug" types, the criminals, etc. Not blaming the women who become victims of these men...but I have to raise the question... why is the meathead...the thug, etc so popular? We even see it reinforced in the popular Black culture.... One female celebrity after another...(R&B singers & actresses in particular) either is dating or has dated a rapper/bad boy, at some point during their fame. In the process they have created a minefield for the young women across the nation who emulate them. Between J. Lo and that despicable Beyonce... I don't know which one has been worse in terms of popularizing this negative male image.... telling women that this is the kind of man that they should want... because it's the "in" thing.

Is this still the "in" thing? Or is the pendulum starting to swing the other way?


Report below from the St. Louis Post Dispatch

Pregnant woman shot; man charged
By Patrick M. O'Connell

ST. LOUIS COUNTY — A man accused of putting a sawed-off shotgun against his pregnant girlfriend's abdomen and pulling the trigger was charged Wednesday with murder and assault.

The fetus died and the mother was severely wounded, St. Louis County police said.

Andre Stewart, 32, became upset during a fight Tuesday night about the paternity of the unborn child, police said.

Vernell Macon, 21, who had been six months pregnant, was in critical condition at an area hospital, police spokeswoman Tracy Panus said.

The specifics of the argument were unclear, but a man who knew the couple said Wednesday that Stewart had claimed he was the father.

It happened about 10:30 p.m. at an apartment in the 2600 block of Eltarose Drive, in a complex east of Lucas and Hunt Road near the Jennings city limit.

Stewart was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault and two counts of armed criminal action. He was being held in lieu of $1 million cash-only bond.

Stewart hid the sawed-off shotgun under a couch last week and pulled it out during the argument, according to court documents. Stewart told Macon to be quiet, then put the barrel of the gun against the woman's abdomen and fired, police said.

Stewart and Macon lived together at the apartment. A woman who lives across the hall said she heard the radio turned up loudly Tuesday night but was not aware anything was wrong until a swarm of police cars and an ambulance arrived.

"They were real sweet people," said the woman, who declined to give her name. "I don't know what happened last night."

Tory DuPree, who described himself as an acquaintance, said Stewart called himself the unborn child's father. DuPree described the victim as "a pretty nice girl; she was quiet."

"He and the victim, I never really saw them fighting or anything like that," DuPree said. "I was surprised."


Anonymous said...

The thug has never been the "in" thing for me but I guess that doesn't mean he isn't an attractive mate for a lot of women.

As I mentioned on WAOD, I hold the women who are constantly singing these hooks just as responsible as the men who rap the stupid lyrics and put forth an image.

The image of these R&B singers are MORE detrimental than the men. When you have strong women who have self-respect they wouldn't put up with the crap.

Their esteem would be higher if the women in their lives (personally and through media) had a certain standard.

I hate when people say "Its not my responsibility. I can do what I want." Well, just like someone paved the way for us, I would think we would WANT to pave the way for those coming after us and not see it as a burden but an honor.

rikyrah said...

This is such a sad story.

While these women share the blame for gettng involved with these men, I'll ask again..

What has changed that men just won't run out on women.

'Back in the day', they would just leave, never to be heard from again, but the woman would be ALIVE.

I'm not understanding this killing pregnant don't want her anymore - LEAVE.

What kind of animal kills his own child?

I look forward to your post about women and their choices of thugs. It baffles me to no end.

MartiniCocoa said...

The men who are predatory know who to choose to date and impregnate:

women with low self esteem.

Men who thrive on control by any means necessary avoid women who are autonomous and confident and the women who fall for them mistake that type of controlling behavior for strength.

What's the answer to a man who is hellbent on controlling a woman he 'loves' or keeping her under his thumb if she dares to flee?