Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bush Makes Joke of The Sacrifice of Troops And Finding No WMD

Bush Makes Joke of The Sacrifice of Troops In Iraq

Even some Democrats are seen laughing.

These rich folks are pretty much the same to me.... I suspect that there is not much difference between folks (in terms of their arrogance) once they reach a certain tax bracket.

I posted this video last year...but I can't find the link... so I am posting it again. On this day of reflection, it is important for Americans to really see the kind of people who are running this Country. It is important to look back and to see how Bush really feels about the sacrifice of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. He always talks about the bravery of the soldiers and expresses his admiration for them in his photo ops, but would a man who really admires the troops do something like this?

This joke incident happened a couple of years ago but never received any significant news coverage.... the corporate news networks were too busy covering Britney Spears, or studying the size of Anna Nicole Smith's chest.

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