Friday, September 21, 2007

Still Looking For Additional Co-bloggers

I am still looking for at least 2 part time co-bloggers.... possibly 3.

I will be attempting to update the bloggers list in the next few weeks. All I ask is that the individual have a good understanding of politics, and I prefer that they have some blogging experience. I also prefer that they are politically moderate, independent, center, slightly left or right of center. That's a fairly wide range.

Also looking for one person with an interest in (and knowledge of) international affairs.... so that I can have one blogger specialize in that area.

Race is also unimportant. People often mislabel this blog as a "Black Blog" when it has more range than that. And I am interested in expanding the diversity and range of the site anyway.
I need to add more balance to the that the blog looks more like the blog that I intended it to be. I have only gotten a few e-mails (a small few)....and I suspect that the "Black blog" tag probably scares some folks away.

I am hoping to get a few more e-mails before adding anyone.

In the coming months I will have less time to blog. So I also hope to create an asst. Editor spot... (already have that person in mind.... but i'm still open to suggestions if anyone is interested).

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