Thursday, September 13, 2007

Petition to Disbar DA in The Jena Six Case

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There is a petition to disbar the DA, Reed Walters.


LaSalle Parish District Attorney Reed Walters, flanked by the police, informed the black students at an assembly later that day that he could end their lives “with the stroke of a pen.”

If Mike Nifong can go down for what he did with the Duke Lacrosse team, surely Mr. Walters can be held accountable for his actions in this sham.



Anonymous said...

We need more. We need more than just one racist member of our justice system to go down now. Reed Walters is symptomatic of an un-balanced and biased system of justice. He needs to go by the way of Nifong, but the members of the police force who backed him up need to lose their badges. How can you serve and protect the citizenry and property of a community when you don't see members of that community as fit to be served?

Anonymous said...

What disturbs me most, is the assertion that hanging a noose from a tree is a "prank". Hanging a noose from a tree is a MURDER THREAT! Always has been ...Always will be!!!

Anonymous said...

Tip O'Neill, late Speaker of the House of Representatives, said all politics is ultimately local. Justice across this nation is ultimately local. Reed Walters is another D.A. in the mold of Nifong. Attorneys and bar associations across the nation have been curiously silent about this case. We as voters should punish which ever political party is the party of Reed Walters in our respective local elections. We must create a national consensus as to justice for all ethnic groups. If he is a Democrat vote against local Democratic D.A.s and judges. If Reed Walters is a Republican vote against local Republican D.A.s and judges. When government fears the people that is democracy. When citizens fear government that is tyranny. Don't be afraid of government put fear where it belongs, in the heart of our servants in government. Anyone knowing Reed Walter's party affiliation please let me know.

Anonymous said...

man i couldn't agree more with the comment of a noose being a death threat or to atleast call it intent to insight a riot. these guys should have been charged with something. they actually started all the following events. but did we forget about the young man that was beat up by the white guys at a party. these guys have never been to jail. what about the white guy that pointed the gun at the kids and had it taken away from him by those three kids. no charges ever filed. if this place isn't racist you tell me what is. disbar this fool and fire those officers. there is no better way to hurt and man then by hurting his pockets. though don't forget that this isn't just black and white its a clear injustice and the duke case was. but in that case it was whites being targeted. injustices exsit everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Reed Walters should not only be disbarred but I think that there is enough to charge him with a hate crime.

We need a lot more checks and balances in our government. It should not have taken this long to have Mychal Bell released on bail, he shouldn't have been in jail in the first place.

Also, this should have been all over the media just after the incident occured, but instead we hear on the news gossip about celebreties. One of the things that infuriates me about this is the fact that it took so long for people to know. When I watch the news, I want to hear news worthy things, not gossip about celebreties.