Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Music From My Youth

The music below was like the soundtrack for my 80's teenage years. They were either on my radio constantly or playing in the car on the long drives that my father loved to take, cris-crossing the Country. I was living in Kansas during the period that most of these videos were made...probably the best, most interesting part of my youth.

Most of the videos were made in 1985 and 86.

I was a big Prince fan at the time too... still am. The whole 80's period still had decent music (although some of these videos are heavy on the Pop)..and there were still a lot of good bands and R&B groups around.

These are a few of the songs/videos that randomly came to mind for me for that period. I am officially entering old age. Looking at the clothes makes me feel ancient.

And the quality of music videos has come a long way... although the music back then was still pretty good. In fact, that's probably the only thing about the music industry today that I can point to as an advance or positive progression from the past, lol... the videos today are made much better. That's a sad testament about todays music.

My second wife :)

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