Tuesday, September 18, 2007

More Nonsense From OJ Simpson

I really didn't want to cover the case of OJ, and for the most part, I won't be providing any sensational coverage. I typically avoid posting about Hollywood celebrity nonsense here, because this is not a celebrity blog. I hate the whole celebrity culture that has most Americans so brain-screwed. Hollywood and Vegas could disappear tomorrow and I wouldn't lose any sleep.

But I wanted to point out how pissed I am that this clown of a man has given the authorities what they have wanted since he escaped Justice in the double murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown, and her acquaintance Ron Goldman. I happen to believe that Simpson was guilty in that case. Unfortunately an overstretched, ill-informed jury and a careless Prosecution team allowed this man to walk. Well, Simpson has now been charged with 8 offenses, including robbery and kidnapping related to this most recent fiasco. His 3 accomplices have also been charged.

Read the official criminal complaint here (pdf)

And when you think things could not get any worse for this idiot, his problems do in fact appear to be mounting. Not only is there an audio tape of the robbery in progress in the Vegas hotel room (I am not posting the audio here... find it online), but it has come to light that one of Simpsons victims, Bruce Fromong, has had a "massive" heart attack and is now in critical condition. This begs the question.... if Mr. Fromong dies, could Simpson face murder or manslaughter charges? It is plausible if doctors can testify that the robbery contributed to the heart attack. He is already facing at least 30 years in prison on the current charges.

Simpson is getting what he deserves for giving authorities the opportunity to gun for him again.
Most sensible people would have chosen a quiet & comfortable life of retirement after getting away with double murder. But Simpson seems to have embraced a street culture, complete with a more seedy cast of characters. He was bound to get caught in this kind of nonsense. His actions in this case seem to add credence to the suggestions in the murder trial that Simpson can at times be explosive and can become out of control. I can recall how he tried to pass himself off as calm, kind and orderly during that trial.

I am also annoyed that I will have to see a story about yet another Black man involved in criminal activity. The networks are really eating this up and are more than happy to put a Black face on their screen, as long as the face is connected with criminal activity. This was a gift to the networks. Unfortunately, we will be bombarded with this case for at least the next two years. The networks were barely getting over their frenzy regarding another criminal from pro-football, Michael Vick, when the OJ story broke. Yet when Black women and children go missing, we don't see the same kind of wall-to-wall coverage.

Ultimately this could be poetic Justice for the Brown and Goldman families. I certainly see it as a second chance at Justice, although he beat the original murder charges. That's one saving grace from this whole fiasco. Another potentially good development that I see coming from it (as a citizen) is that if he is convicted and finally put away, we won't have to hear from this man again (hopefully). The media won't be able to use him for ratings and endless nonsensical coverage, and he in turn won't be able to use the media to hock his merchandise.

I have grown tired of even hearing the name OJ Simpson, and I am even more tired of his antics.... Even up until recently the man was engaged in all manner of minstrelsy to make a buck. Simpsons continued presence in the spotlight is damaging to our image (Black Americans and Black men in particular). For White America, Simpson is a figure who serves as confirmation for already deeply held beliefs and stereotypes about the Black male- The Black male as oversexed, the Black male as beast, the Black male as innately criminal, the Black male as violent, the Black male as a threat to White women, the Black male as someone to be avoided, the Black male as a security problem, etc. And in the case of Simpson, these beliefs are affirmed even for successful Black men... It says that no matter how successful, assimilated, and wealthy they get, they are still beasts at heart. This case (just like the murder case before it) has sparked countless conversations around the White dinner tables across this Country with the theme of "I told you so". This is especially the case for young White women in relationships with Black men, particularly where her family does not approve of her choice. These are the kinds of discussions that Black folks are rarely privy to.... but that we know are taking place everyday.

I also can't help but wonder what Mr. Cochran would think about his former client, after all the work that Mr. Cochran did for him. Publicly Cochran would offer support, but it would be interesting to get inside the mind of Cochran to find out what he really would think of Simpson after this case.


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rikyrah said...

Hey AI,
I'm back. And, I was in Vegas, where this was Topic #1 for their newscasts.

I think this is hilarious.

The level of stupidity with this man is off the charts.

He got away with a Double Murder, and is going down for a robbery - not because he needs to feed himself - he get hundreds of thousands in tax-free, untouchable (to the Goldman and Browns) money, and yet, he's resorting to robbery, because, what?

What exactly is his reason for this?

You could sit him down with 10 shrinks, and I bet they couldn't tell you the reason.

There are some Black people that other Black people have NO BUSINESS DEFENDING.

OJ Simpson is at the top of that list.

He's so pathetic, it's ridiculous.

He got away with double murder, and will go to the pokey for utter BS.


rikyrah said...

OT: What are your thoughts about the AG Nominee?

Brian said...

What's going on Rikyrah!

So you were in Vegas? Hmmmm

Well, welcome back.

Regarding OJ... you make a good point. It is hilarious for someone to beat a double murder charge, only to go down later for foolishness like this... especially when he is making plenty of money to live out the remainder of his life in comfort.

I saw a report the other night about how much money he gets from royalties and trust funds, etc. And it's money that the families of his murder victims can't touch. But he is worried about some half assed memorabilia...that no one even cares about. He was acting as if people are really lining up to get his stuff. He has an inflated image of himself.

Regarding Michael Mukasey... I have not had a chance to post on this and probably won't anytime soon. That's because it looks like Bush & Co. decided to play it safe... real safe. I have not heard or read a negative word about this man yet... He has a strong background (Why the Hell don't they pick these guys from the get go instead of choosing these politically connected folks like Alberto Gonzales, for some of the most important jobs in the world?).

He is respected by both Republicans and Democrats. A perfect caretaker nominee... but it just makes you scratch your head... Why not make these kinds of choices from the outset????

We have seen this pattern with Bush & Co... choosing politically connected people for top jobs instead of the best qualified.

The list is long... Michael Brown, Fran Townsend, Julie Myers, Monica Goodling, Mark Rosenker ...there are (or have been) a slew of people in top jobs who are not qualified.

This AG nomination appears to be something different from the Bush crew.... so i'm willing to give him a chance and see what he does.

rikyrah said...


My sister won a trip to Vegas and invited me along. I have to say it was an interesting experience, and I believe Vegas is the quintessential American City of excess. I don't think any other country in the world could have invented Las Vegas the way that Americans did.

It's great for people watching, and the thing I observed - not a lot of Muslims - I think that's obvious.

LOTS of Asians, which shouldn't be surprising since Macao overtook Las Vegas as the #1 spot for gambling in the world last year.

As for the OJ thing, my sister cracked me up. She's part of the sliver of Black folk who ACTUALLY thought he was 'innocent'.


but 'Innocent'.

But, even she has no sympathy for him. In my sister's frame of mind, no man who makes nearly 1 million dollars a year - after taxes, and the Goldman/Browns can't touch', should have been giving a #*$& about the memorabilia. She just can't fathom you getting about 87K /A MONTH, and thinking that you should resort to robbery.

She said that he could pay legal fees to sue them about the memoribilia with 87K/A MONTH.

My sister is no nonsense like that.

And, because he was A FOOL like that, she has NO sympathy. She simply doesn't believe anyone should be THAT stupid. I cracked up, especially after that TMZ.com tape came out. - HE'S DONE.


rikyrah said...

As for the AG NOminee,

once I read about the ruling that he made in the Padilla case, I was breathing easier about him.

I've only had the papers for reference while I was in Vegas.

He actually seems to have read The Constitution, which is a change from our present AG.

Anonymous said...

Well put. Eloquently said.

Frankly, I think Orenthal James Simpson is either a psychopath or a sociopath or a combination of the two.

Know who I feel saddest toward in all of this? His children - from both marriages. How embarrassing to hear your father spewing obscenities on tapes being played all over the airwaves.

One thing I am curious of though. Why was there a tape recorder going in the room in the first place? Not that I am defending O.J. in any way shape or form. I believe he got away with double murder as well but I just think it's odd that a tape recorder was awaiting his arrival in that hotel room.

Of course, if he had, (as the old folks say) any mother wit, he wouldn't have taken the bait.

I have absolutely no problem with people dating interracially but boy, Black women sure should be happy that O.J. prefers blondes - Caucasian blondes. I add this final phrase because we sisters are styling our hair in all colors these days and some of us are blonde:)

Carmin Wharton, The Relationship Teacher
Author, Lessons Learned: While Looking for Love in All the Wrong Faces
http://www.carminwharton.com - Website
http://www.therelationshipteacher.com - Blog

Anonymous said...

Behind every public clown there is a private hell for someone.

That said, I can't imagine the emotional toll his self-destructive arrogance has inflicted on his children and genuinely caring friends and relatives.

I bet for every OJ media spectacle, there are countless other embarrassing "mini-stunts" that folks behind the scenes have worked their asses off to keep under wraps.

So for their sake - and ours - let's hope this stunt FINALLY lands OJ somewhere far away - out of public sight and sound where he can't kill, embarrass, worry, or shit on anyone else.

rikyrah said...

One thing I am curious of though. Why was there a tape recorder going in the room in the first place? Not that I am defending O.J. in any way shape or form. I believe he got away with double murder as well but I just think it's odd that a tape recorder was awaiting his arrival in that hotel room.

This is what OJ Defenders have grasped onto now.

And my response is..

I feel about him the same way that I feel about Public Officials who fall for the ' Government Trap'-


They always have FREE WILL.

Just like those Public Officials can turn down the bribe money....

Nobody forced OJ to gather a crew - remember, he had to go around and find folks willing to commit a crime with him. I'm sure he just didn't walk up to strangers on the Vegas Strip and go ' come with me'.


So, even if it was a setup.