Thursday, September 27, 2007

Update on Myanmar/Burma Protests and Mobile Phones

Here is an interesting article from MobileActive on mobile phones and Internet technology as instrumental in the Burmese political protests:
The Democratic Voice of Burma has emerged as a major newssource for mobile and video footage from Burma. Other content from inside of Burma is sent by citizens to the BBC where there are some moving pctures, many taken by mobile and emailed or MMSed to the BBC. More footage taken by people in Burma was on the BBC newscast tonight and is here as well (Real Player required). We have little information about the prevalence of mobiles in the country and ability to MMS footage out of the country, but it appears that the Internet is only inconsistently filtered, allowing both pictures and video taken by mobiles and cameras to be sent and published around the world.

Full article here.


rikyrah said...

This is absolutely captivating to me. How new technologies are making it possible for these people to show the world about their struggle. Every cellphone is a mirror onto revolution.

redante said...

Hello Rikyrah

MobileActive, incidentally, is an organization for activists worldwide who use mobile phones as a tool in their activism. A good group of folks who are on the cutting edge of the use of technology for social change purposes.