Thursday, September 27, 2007

Troops Open Fire On Protesters In Myanmar

Troops have opened fire on protesters in Myanmar, killing nearly a dozen and wounding several more. Several Monks have also been arrested in the largest crackdown in Myanmar in 20 years. A brutal crackdown in 1988 led to the deaths of thousands of civilians there.

Meanwhile, the Russians have made it clear that they don't stand on the side of Democracy in these kinds of conflicts. They have worked to block a joint statement of condemnation from the UN Security Council. China also supported blocking any condemnation, but that is to be expected from China. This is why it is so important for the people within Myanmar to fight for themselves and not depend on outsiders, including the United States. Although it is interesting that the U.S. received help during its freedom struggle, the Chinese received help from its Brutal repression at the hands of the Japanese, and the Russians beat back the Germans with the help of a Western front in WWII drawing precious German resources. But when another nation is battling for its freedom... they (China and Russia specifically) can't even agree to make a statement.

Perhaps China has forgotten about the Japanese occupation. Perhaps Russia has forgotten about the great battle of Stalingrad. Quite frankly, China is afraid of having another Democracy in its neighborhood, fearing that the protest sentiment could spread. And Russia wants to see governmental authority preserved at all costs... because it wants to feel comfortable knowing that it can continue with its own crackdown against Democratic elements there.

The Chinese throw a fit at the mere mention of Japans brutal repression in their Country... all they want to do is "condemn".


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rikyrah said...

I was about to post about this. The image of the monks in red is very stunning. You can't keep your eyes off of them; them standing up for what is right. You can feel them fighting for their country.

Thank you for the updates, AI.

redante said...

Hello AI and Rikyrah

The defiance of the monks and the people of Burma in the name of freedom and democracy is awe-inspiring. This is true grassroots People Power at work. Even against brutal repression and great danger to themselves, the protesters still take to the streets in droves in peaceful protest.