Monday, December 11, 2006

White men deciding the future of an arab nation - Not

WAPO reports Iraqi President Jalal Talabani on Sunday strongly rejected a U.S. bipartisan panel’s report on American war strategy in Iraq, calling some of its recommendations “dangerous” and a threat to his country’s sovereignty.

“The report does not respect the will of the Iraqis in dealing with their problems,” he said in a statement released by his office. Link

AAPPundit says:

I guess the Iraqi people, and the new government are not having any of this embed thousands of U.S. troops with Iraqi security forces to train and advise them garbage. Soon they (the government) will be asking Americans to get to stepping, all because a few white men think they know what is best for an Arab country (All white Baker Says Study Group Committed to Democracy in Iraq). It will be interesting to see if The Worst President in American history, follows aging and elderly Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who wants the administration to deploy more troops into Baghdad, without the support of the Iraqi government or it’s citizens, the congress or the American people, to stop the Iraq civil war. Old white men deciding the future of an arab nation. These folks need to get a grip.

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Brian said...

I agree.... They don't even understand the culture or history of the countries that they attack.

They claimed that they did a thorough investigation and consulted a lot of people. But how many Iraqi's did they consult (from Iraq....who live there now or who were there recently)?

Also, it was almost all white. About 95% white. They allowed a tok.... oops, well, 1 Black member. lol

But he (Vernon Jordan) is a multi-millionaire, with Republican reach and Republican I don't know how empathetic he could have been to the Iraqi people, to U.S. soldiers, or to what is going on there in general.

You can find the members list here.

Here's an interview with Jordan (copy and paste)