Saturday, December 02, 2006

Chuck D Interviews Bro J From X Clan

I typically do not write on Rap News or Information, unless i'm in a rage, lol.
But this is an exception.

Two Legendary Rap Groups, Public Enemy & X-Clan, Join Forces For Tour

These two groups are from an era when Rap was still vibrant and uplifting. Black pride was still a main topic for discussion for these groups. And they were around during a time when it was cool to be Black and smart.

Today, the opposite seems to be true. In terms of so-called "Hip Hop" culture today, Black degradation has taken the place of cultural pride.

Chuck D. came to the forefront during a time when cultural and political Consciousness was still an important part of rap music. Public Enemy was the soundtrack to some of my High School days for sure. That was a time when we used to wear our Africa symbols around our necks and we would boycott Coca Cola for its support of Apartheid in South Africa. And Public Enemy, X-Clan and others were the soundtrack.

These kinds of causes are no longer a part of the current "Hip Hop" culture. The only protest that I have seen them get excited about was a protest calling for the release of singer R. Kelly.... a child rapist. They don't seem to have any concept of political consciousness, pride, or any social uplift whatsoever. Today it is all about sex, mindless material pursuits, and who is the bigger thug, womanizer, or deadbeat. It's as if the thug rappers are in competition for some coveted award... with categories like who is the nastiest, the can write the most ignorant and pointless rap lyrics, who is the biggest a-hole, who is the toughest gangster or biggest criminal, and who is the most creative when it comes to degrading women--- for example: The Clown Snoop Dog put Black women on leashes and paraded them on National TV as his dogs (literally) .... Nelly has used a womans backside as a credit card reader on a cash very uplifting for Black folks.... and Black folks celebrate these people as heroes. That's the sickening part. It's all a race to the bottom. (This is why the Black race is imploding right now).

I no longer listen to rap music (with the rare exception of some old Chuck D./ Public Enemy). However, it's good to see two of my favorite groups getting together for a tour. This should have happened back in the late 80's/early 90's.

Chuck D Interviews X-Clan's Bro. J
Listen Here.

Would the current generation even know what X-Clan was talking about 15+ years ago? I doubt it very seriously. That kind of rap was far more complicated & nuanced than the Hip Hop heard today. It's like Pre-school Vs. College. Not much of a comparison. Anything that doesn't mention a womans anatomy within the first line would probably be of no interest to the current generation.

"We have gone from Let Freedom Ring... to the Bling Bling.... What A Monumental Drop" -- Dr. Cornel West Speaking about the present state of Hip Hop Culture.

Some X-Clan

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Funk'in Lesson

In The Ways of the Scales

Lord Have Mercy!!!

Heck No, this Hip Hop generation would not understand or be interested in this stuff at all! LOL X-Clan would not even get radio airplay today because the radio stations would not allow it. But we definitely need this back again.

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