Sunday, December 10, 2006

Amy Goodman Examines Iraq Study Group Report

Amy Goodman Provides Some Insight on The Iraq Study Group Report on Her Democracy Now Program.

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She looks at the report from an interesting angle. In the last segment, she interviews author Antonia Juhasz, who states that there is language in the ISG report that suggests oil was a factor in getting the U.S. involved in Iraq. The ISG clearly states that the privatization of oil should be a key goal of the U.S. Currently, Iraq's oil is under National control.

Now you have to put that into perspective. James Baker runs a consulting firm that has many dealings with oil companies trying to do business in the Middle East and other parts of the world. The demand that Iraq privatize oil appears to be a move to provide an opportunity for an American oil company (or other foreign oil company) to get contracts to enter Iraqs oil industry.

Even with this criticism, I still support the general effort of the Study Group because it forces the Bush administration into a corner, where they will HAVE TO do something.


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Senator Russell Feingold Also Criticized the Iraq Study Group. See His Response Here.

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