Monday, December 18, 2006

John Edwards To Enter Presidential Race

John Edwards will enter Presidential Race. He joins Dennis Kusinich, and Tom Vilsack in the "officially running" category.

Other Democrats likely to run are Sen. Christopher Dodd, Sen. Joseph Biden, Sen. John Kerry, and Wesley Clark.

Democrats who are making a lot of noise, but are still in the hype stage, include Sen. Hillary Clinton, and Sen. Barak Obama.

The strongest candidates for the Democrats will likely be John Edwards, Joe Biden (unfortunately), John Kerry, Tom Vilsack, and Christopher Dodd. I'm not completely sold on the Clinton, Obama hype. In the corrupt American political process, the news media always attempts to choose the favorite- making the decision for the public, before the voters have a chance to weigh in. The years and months leading to 2008 will be no different. Remember that in the months leading up to the 2004 Pres. election, Howard Dean was receiving the same hype that Clinton and Obama are getting now... frontrunner status, courtesy of CNN & Fox Entertainment News. In fact, Fox Entertainment News would love for the Democrats to choose Clinton or Obama.... that would basically guarantee a Republican victory in the general election. These so-called "News" networks have to spice up their stories for's all about entertainment for these people. The real Democratic contenders are just too boring for the major news networks, so they play this game until we get closer to election time.

This will all begin to naturally sort itself out when Americans begin to size up the candidates and decide on things such as- who is the most experienced, who is most electable, etc. Based on these things... Obama and Clinton will begin to look more like novelties (which they are) than serious contenders.

Edwards and Vilsack (& others) are the real deal IMO....and that will become clear once the debates begin. In fact, it's actually a good thing that the true contenders are not getting the media attention right now. All the media attention is focused on Obama and Clinton, increasing the chances that they will goof up at some point and ruin their chances. Meanwhile, the real contenders are sitting back waiting for the real showtime to begin, without the burden of having any bad media attention leading up to the campaign. That's one of the real positive things about having Obama and Clinton all over the news. In that sense, Clinton and Obama serve a useful purpose.

Beyond that, they are really all hype at this point. (although that could change....but I doubt it).

Meanwhile, Evan Bayh takes himself out of contention. This was a little disappointing, because the Democrats needed a fresh face in the race. He could have been the dark horse candidate, like Clinton in 1992.

But Bayh is not completely out for the count. He will be a strong contender for the VP spot, along with Obama, Clark and Edwards (if Edwards does not get the nomination).

View my list of Presidential contenders here. Originally posted in June.

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