Monday, December 04, 2006

U.S. Ambassador to UN John Bolton Resigns

Another Neo-Conservative Bites The Dust

And as Bolton falls, so does the grand plan of the White House to reshape the UN in Americas image. Bolton was supposed to be the key figure in that reshaping.

But Bolton had to face reality. This was all part of the aftermath of the Mid-Term elections. There was no way that Bolton was going to be confirmed by the new Senate. Even the Republican Senate (of the 109th Congress) was reluctant to put his nomination up for a vote by the full Senate. He was an unnacceptable choice to Democrats, unnacceptable to millions of American citizens, and unnacceptable even to some Republicans.

Hopefully Bush will select a more sensible moderate for the position. The U.S. needs a more personable, pragmatic, & visionary figure who knows how to do real diplomacy and who can establish good contacts and good relationship with other diplomatics around the world. Someone who has a reputation for strong diplomacy. Firm, but friendly. Someone who could cut a deal over lunch....just by being on good terms with other diplomats (as is often part of custom in some Cultures around the world).

Bolton was the exact opposite of what the U.S. needs in terms of a top diplomat. He was a Neo-Conservative extremist; someone sent to the UN to weaken & undermine the organization and to block its work. The White House wanted someone who would be a constant critic of the organization, rather than someone who would strengthen it and offer practical solutions.


See Report from the BBC

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