Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What About the U.S. - Russia Nuclear Threat?

While we are fixated on Iran and N. Korea, we ignore the threat that still exists from the worlds two main nuclear powers.

The U.S. and Russia (especially the U.S. with its antagonizing anti- Russian policies) have not done enough to reduce the threat of nuclear war, or to reduce the number of nuclear weapons in particular. The collapse of the Soviet Union was a perfect opportunity to begin a serious decrease in these weapons (down to just a couple hundred on each side..... and the eventual elimination of them altogether). That window of opportunity has now passed....wasted while the U.S. has been beating its chest in so-called victory since 1991; telling Russia and the world every chance that it got that the U.S. won the Cold War.

A Russian Arms control expert paints an ugly but plausable scenario about what the future could bring. His analysis is based on a wargame scenario.

This is especially troubling since Russia is a criminal State, still unstable. The country is run by a group of KGB thugs who handle their affairs like mafia groups do. Anything can happen there.


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