Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sidebar Spotlights

Previous Sidebar Spotlights

1. Truthteller- Michael Moore
Crook/Liar- Ann Coulter
Black Hall of Shame- D.L. Hughley
Pride- Cornel West

2. Truthteller- Michael Moore
Crook/Liar- Bill O’Reilly
Black Hall of Shame- Debra Lee
Pride- Geofrey Canada

3. Truthteller- Keith Olberman
Crook/Liar- Hillary Clinton
Black Hall- Beyonce
Pride- Women of Spelman College for BET protest

4. Truth teller - Amy Goodman
Crook/Liar- John McCain
Black Hall of Shame- Reginald Hudlin
Pride- MLK, Dr. Edward Hart, Rev. Joseph Lowery

5. Truthteller- Barbara Ehrenreich
Crook/Liar- Ron Christie
Black Hall of Shame- Jam Donaldson - BET “Hot Ghetto Mess” creator
Pride- Gina McCauley from /W.E.B. Du Bois

6. Truth teller - Jim Hightower
Crook and Liar- Ted Stevens
Black Hall of Shame- Todd Boyd
Pride- Rev. Vernon Johns

7. Truth teller- Jack Beatty
Crook & Liar- Laura Ingraham
Black Hall of Shame- Michael Eric Dyson
Pride - Dr. Ben Carson

8. Truth teller - David Iglesias
Crook & Liar - Karl Rove
Black Hall of Shame - Monique
Pride- Irene Morgan Kirkaldy

9. truth teller - Dr. John Johnson (father of Lavena Johnson)
Crook & liar- Hillary Clinton
Black Hall of Shame - Russell Simmons
Pride- Curtis Mayfield

10. truth teller - Charles Ferguson (filmmaker for “No End In Sight” documentary)
Crook- Alberto Gonzales
Black Hall of Shame- Danyel Smith - Editor Chief for Vibe Magazine
Black pride - Stephen Bantu Biko

11. truth teller- General Paul Eaton
Crook- Rudy Guiliani
Black hall of shame - William Drayton (Flavor Flav)
Pride- Earl Graves- Black enterprise founder…pulled the mic from comedian eddie griffin for his excessive use of the N-word at an event.

12. Truth teller- Robert Greenwald
Crook- Senator Lindsey Graham- for pushing for the continued occupation of Iraq.
Black shame- Hip Hop R&B singer Ashanti
Source of Pride - Ronald Kenneth Noble- Interpol Chief (secretary general).

13. Truth teller - Senator Chuck Hagel
Crook - Bill O’Reilly
Black Shame - The Rap Industry
Pride - Constance Baker Motley

14. Truth teller - Jeremy Scahill
Crook/Liar - Michael Medved - "Slavery Not So Bad"
Black Shame - T. Shakur/Christopher Wallace...and how they are celebrated by Black Americans
Pride - Rev. Delman Coates for leading the "Enough Is Enough" Campaign against BET/Viacom and the negative images of Blacks in media.

15. Truth teller - General Ricardo Sanchez
Crook/Liar- Rush Limbaugh
Black Shame- Janet Jackson
Pride- John Mercer Langston

16. Truth teller - Valerie Plame Wilson
Crook/Liar - Sean Hannity
Black Shame - The Jena 4 (Carwin Jones, Bryant Purvis for their flamboyance after the incidents in Jena, Louisiana. And Robert Bailey Jr. and a 4th young man for their bragging about money and fame from the situation.).
Pride - Guion "Guy" Bluford

17. Truth teller - John Edwards - Telling the truth about Hillary Clinton
Crook/Liar - Fred Thompson - lying about not being aware of drug trafficking buddy
Black Shame - The Black Political and Social Elite Establishment for not taking on Rap Culture.
Pride- Ralph Bunche

18. Truth teller - Dennis Kucinich
Crook/Liar - Glenn Beck
Black Shame - Damon Wayans (For comments regarding Rutgers Women's Basketball Team)
Pride - Herbie Hancock

19. Truth teller- Seymour Hersh
Crook/Liar - Dick Cheney
Black shame - Troi Torain
Pride - Kiri Davis

20. Truthteller- Thom Hartmann
Crook/Liar - Senator Bob Kerrey - For Lies about Barack Obama
Black Shame - Christina Milian
Pride - Cora Daniels

21. Truthteller - John Edwards
Crook & Liar - Hillary Clinton - For her lies (and her campaigns lies) about Barack Obama.
Black Shame - Cordozar Calvin Broadus
Pride - Hubert Henry Harrison

22. Truthteller - Dr. Michael Parenti
Crook & Liar - Lanny Davis
Black Shame - Bob Johnson
Pride - James Lawson

23. Truthteller - Keith Olbermann
Crook & Liar - Harold Ickes - Clinton Operative who wanted to change nomination rules to benefit his candidate.
Black Shame - Julian Bond
Pride - George Benson

24. Truthteller - Samantha Power
Crook & Liar - Geraldine Ferraro
Black Shame - The Congressional Black Caucus
Pride - Sidney Poitier

25. Truthteller- Phil Donahue & Tomas Young - For the documentary "Body of War".
Crook & Liar - Hillary Clinton
Black Shame - NAACP
Pride - Duke Ellington

26. Truthteller - Army Colonel Ann Wright
Crook & Liar - John McCain (for his love of lobbyists).
Black Shame- (no longer a regular spotlight item. Although i'll bring it back for those who really deserve being spotlighted). Last spotlight was Kwame Kilpatrick.
Pride - Dr. Beth Brown

27. Truthteller - Keith Olbermann
Crook & Liar - Roger Ailes
Pride - Acia Johnson. Read the Acia Johnson story from the Boston Globe. Listen to story here.

28. Truthtellers - Stephen Walt & John Mearsheimer
Crook/Liar - Monica Crowley of FOX News for her smears (and her networks smears) of Barack Obama.
Pride - Arthur Bertram Cuthbert Walker II

29. Truthteller - Air Force Col. Morris Davis for taking a stand and speaking out on tribunals and habeas corpus rights of gitmo prisoners.
Crook & Liar - Republican Spokesman Michael Savage, for autism comments
Pride- Neil deGrasse Tyson

30. Truthteller - Ron Suskind, for the book "The Way of the World".
Crook & Liar - Republican operative Jerome Corsi - For spreading lies and smears about Barack Obama and his family.
Pride- Morgan Freeman

31. Truthteller - Campbell Brown of CNN... for challenging Palin's so-called foreign policy experience (which turns out to be none at all).
Crook & Liar - Bill Kristol
Pride - Dr. Errington Thompson

32. Truthteller - Dr. Cornel West - For sticking to his principles... although I don't agree with all of his positions. But I do fall in line with most of his basic philosophy... I particularly like his worldview. You can say i'm a student of the man. I wish Obama's worldview and foreign policy were being shaped by brilliant minds like Dr. West, Stephen F. Cohen, Bruce Hoffman, and StephenVan Evera, Ian Lustick, Juan Cole, Ivan Eland, Stephen Walt and others. Instead, Obama's foreign policy is being shaped by hardliners like Zbigniew Brzezinski- WT_!!!?. Why don't these prominent thinkers have a place in Obama's campaign? Why is Obama allowing himself to be influenced by more pro-war establishment thinkers (the same people and same old philosophies that got the U.S. into the foreign policy mess that it's currently in)?
Crook & Liar - Sarah Palin
Pride - Louis Gossett Jr.

33. Truthteller - John Lewis
Liar/Worst Person- Congress Woman Michelle Bachmann
Pride - Dr. Mae Jemison

34. Truthteller - Dr. Kenneth F. Warren - A Political Scientist at St. Louis University - for Telling the truth about why Obama lost the State of Missouri by less than 4,000 votes (a small fraction of a percent of votes cast)- The reason... the racist vote in Rural Missouri. It in fact made the difference. Obama lost, while White Democrats in the State won all major offices by wide margins.
Liar/Worst Person - (Two entries) Georgia Congressman Paul Broun & Republican Radio host Michael Savage - Paul Broun for comparing Obama to Adolf Hitler. And Michael Savage for suggesting that Obama somehow orchestrated or arranged the death of his Grandmother. (nuts!!!!). Savage has one of the more popular Conservative radio programs in the Country wonder Republicans are so crazy.
Pride - Federal Appeals Court Judge Theodore McMillian. McMillian (d.2006) was one of the first Black Americans to rise to such a high level in the Federal Court system. Learn more about McMillian.

35. Truthteller - Amy Goodman
Liar - Rod Blagojevich & Bernard Madoff
Pride- Paul Laurence Dunbar

36. Truthteller - Linda Bilmes- For putting the cost of Bush into perspective. Hear a recent interview with Linda Bilmes from NPR‘s “On Point“.
Liar - Bill Cunningham, Dick Cheney & Ann Coulter
Pride - Branford Marsalis

37. Truthteller - Bill Moyers-- For taking a stand and telling the truth about Israel
Liar - Bernard Goldberg
Pride - Dr. Merville Marshall

38. Truthteller(s) - Aaron Glantz and Dr. Cornel West
Liar (Worst Person) - G. Gordon Liddy
Pride - Frederick D. Gregory

39. Truthteller - Rachel Maddow
Liar (Worst Persons) - Tammy Bruce & Joe Cassano
Pride - Dr. John Hope Franklin

40. Truthteller - William Greider
Liar - Dennis Miller
Pride - Myron Rolle

41. Truthteller - Dr. Juan Cole
Liar - Tom Tancredo
Pride - Dr. Derek Pitts (astronomer)

42. Truthteller - David Sirota
Liar - Lou Dobbs -For misleading & misinforming the public every night on his radio and TV programs, and for his campaign against just about all Progressive policies & ideas for improving the Country. Perhaps his worst offense is pretending to be an "Independent". Lou Dobbs is about has Independent as David Duke is color-blind. He's more like a Wolf in Sheeps clothing. Dobbs is a diehard Conservative who acts as a mouthpiece for the Republican Party.... doing the GOP's bidding under the guise of being an "Independent". I wish he would drop the "Independent" gimmick.... because he gives real independents a bad name.

Pride - Daniel Isom (St. Louis Police Chief)

43. Truthteller - President Jimmy Carter (about Obama and race)
Liar - Sen. Max Baucus
Pride - Noah Gray Cabey

44. Truthteller - Anita Dunn- White House Communications Director- For finally stating the obvious (one of the first "officials" to step up and say what needed to be said).... that basically Fox News isn't really a news organization at all.
Liars - Joe Lieberman and Harry Reid
Pride - Marlon Green (June 1929 - July 2009)

45. Truthteller - W. Horace Carter
Liar(s) - Sarah Palin & Dick Morris
Pride - Kimberly & Kelly Anyadike

46. Truthteller - Rep. Anthony Weiner - For telling the truth about Republicans in Congress and their relationship with the Insurance industry.
Liar(s) - Sen. Mitch McConnell, Rep. Eric Cantor, and Rep. John Boehner
Pride - Stephen Stafford - 13 y/o college whiz kid

47. Truthteller - Alexander Zaitchik
Liar - BP CEO Tony Hayward
Pride - Charles Hamilton Houston

48. Truthteller - Mark Potok
Liar - Meg Whitman
Pride - Jefferson Thomas (1942-2010)

49. Truthteller - Ezra Klein
Liar - Rick Perry
Pride - Dr. Vince Moss/Dr. Vance Moss

50. Truthteller - Robert Reich
Liar - Willard 'Mitt' Romney
Pride - Dr. Roscoe Brown

51. Truthteller - Jim Hightower
Liar -Rick Perry
Pride - Ebonie Johnson Cooper


The Angry Independents "Wives of the Moment" List

* Alyssa Milano

* Scarlett Johansson

* Essence Atkins

* Tamera Mowry

* Anna Kournikova

* Rachel True

* Jurnee Smollett

* Leona Lewis

* Rachael Ray

* Robin Meade

* Bianca Lawson

* Nicole Lyn

* Carmen Ejogo

* Idalis DeLeon

* Rachel Stuart

* Kellie Williams

* Kaley Cuoco

* Evelyn Ng

* Hayden Panettiere

* Michelle Kwan

* Natasha Curry

* Sharon Carpenter

* Alejandra “Ali” Campoverdi

* Katie Stam

* Jennifer Esposito

* SofĂ­a Margarita Vergara

Megan Gale

* Danica McKellar

* Cheryl Burke

* Marcela Valladolid

* Kate Beckinsale

* Dayana Mendoza

* Misty Copeland

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