Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Just Say No To Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton appears to be gearing up for a run for President in 2008.

I have stated many times that if Hillary Clinton gets the Democratic nomination, it would be the greatest gift for Republicans. Republicans would love nothing more than to see Hillary somehow get the nomination. Why? Because it would guarantee that Republicans will retain the White House in 2008. Hillary Clinton has conisistently polled lower than ANY Republican....including any unamed Republican, for the last few years. John McCain or any other top Republican candidate would defeat her easily.

I have been against this idea for the past couple of years, when the buzz first began.
Why? For one, I don't like her.... she's a phony. She has embraced George Bush, and never challenged the policies of his administration.... She's a Bush Democrat. In fact, she has expressed her support for Bush on more than one occasion.

She also voted for the war in Iraq. And she's a pro-war Democrat in general. We don't need another pro-war politician in the White House, regardless of Party... although most politicians from both parties are Pro-War. (An interesting commentary about the Pro-War Democratic Party).

Secondly, she is not electable....especially not in a general election against a strong Republican.


Anonymous said...

Why Hillary! why! She has just been re-elected to her post. Take a breather and enjoy it and try to do some work that might benefit the folks in New York. We don't need another dynasty, called the “Clintons”. Isn't it enough that we have a Bush dynasty? In a country of 300 mil folks we should be able to find a decent uncorrupt, not beholden to major corporations as future president.

Brian said...

Exactly...she needs to concentrate on being the Jr. Senator from New York.

And more importantly, we don't need another family dynasty. We don't need another Clinton in the White House. (there should actually be some sort of rule against this).

I have been saying for years that a country of 300 million people should have more voting options.

If Clinton runs, gets the Democratic nomination, and somehow wins the Presidency, it would just be trading one dynasty for another.

Bottom line is....she's not really electable. The media has put her up on a pedestal...making her the "favorite"....or "frontrunner"....not because we say so...but because the media says so.

And don't forget how she supported George Bush over the last few years.

Bill Clinton was one of the worse pro-war Democrats ever.... I don't think we could take another pro-war Democrat...especially not another with the name Clinton.

Hopefully someone will talk her out of running (keeping my fingers crossed).

Anonymous said...

Well if there is a rule then another Bush person couldn't be elected. So then we wouldn't have any dynasty running.