Thursday, December 28, 2006

Saddam Hussein To Be Put To Death Within Days

Saddam Hussein is to be Executed Soon....within days. I just heard a report that said that some in the U.S. government and Iraqi government feel that this could be the event that could finally calm the insurgency.

What in the world are these people smoking? They are still holding on to this pie in the sky nonsense. How many times have we heard about some big event that was supposed to calm the insurgency? I can count at least 5 events. None of them turned out to be the turning point towards a peaceful Iraq.

In fact, the death of Saddam Hussein will likely have the opposite impact. It will only solidify the insurgency (unfortunately). It will turn him into a Martyr. It has the potential to set off a new wave of sustained violence in Iraq. But the Bush administration seems clueless. Yes I understand that the death of Saddam Hussein is a decision that the Iraqi government is responsible for making....but it is our troops who will pay much of the price for that decision (along with Iraqi troops and citizens as well). Surely the U.S. government has some influence that it could use in this situation.

This also has the potential to bring down, or weaken the Iraqi government. Sunnis could pull out of the Parliament, which is not in the interest of the U.S..... or Iraq.
Now I am not saying that Hussein should not be punished. I am just pointing out that #1). The timing is horrible, and #2). The killing of Saddam Hussein will not improve the situation in Iraq. It is more likely to have a more negative impact on the situation there.

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