Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Dennis Kucinich Announces He Is Entering Presidential Race

I like this guy. I don't agree with every position that he takes (i'm a little more moderate/conservative, and practical), but I like his fighting spirit.

We know that he does not have a chance to win. But he believes that his presence will be important, and it will. With the mainstream Democrats competing with one another to see who can be the most conservative and who can be the best Republicrat, someone has to be there to keep them honest. Lie Patrol is an ugly job, but somebody has to do it. The job doesn't pay well, will not win an election, and is bound to bring criticism. But when you are a warrior fighting for what is right, you have to accept those things as being part of the job. It comes with the territory.

He will likely be the only candidate in the race (from either party) who voted against the war in Iraq and was against the war from the very beginning. That will give him a certain level of moral authority on Iraq and other related issues.

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