Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tensions Grow Between The U.S. and Saudi Arabia

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Is the Marriage Over? Say It Ain't So!

Does that mean no more hugging, kissing, or holding hands between Bush and Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah?

The Saudi Ambassador has abruptly left the U.S.; usually a strong sign of diplomatic trouble. Washington Post Report.

The Saudi King recently expressed his displeasure at the possibility of a U.S. pullout from Iraq and he has threatened to fund the Sunni's in any conflict with Shi'ites. He wants to make sure that Sunni's are not slaughtered without a fight by Shi'ites who might try to get revenge for what they see as the evils of Sunnis, both under Saddams reign and during the U.S. occupation. This will undoubtedly get a harsh reaction from Shi'ites, particularly from the Shi'ite led Iraqi government.

This would clearly be against U.S. interests, and it could be the lowest point in relations between the two countries since the oil crisis of the 1970's under President Carter.

This would not be the only time that Saudi Arabia has acted against U.S. interests. Many believe that they turned a blind eye to terrorism before 9/11 and immediately afterward. Many of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, and part of the paper trail developed from the FBI investigation led back to Saudi Arabia. Not proof of direct Saudi involvement, but it raised some questions.

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How will the Bush'ites get out of this jam? I hope not with more pro-war chest beating. Even the neo-conservative Apes must realize at this point that the pro-war routine probably would not be the best way to handle problems like this one.

Hopefully common sense will prevail. However, with Bush & Co. making the decision, I don't have much confidence (and have no reason to believe) that they will do what is sensible. Rational thought and common sense have not been a part of the Bush team since their first day in office.

This combined with a an upcoming vote on Iran sanctions in the UN Security Council??? Not to mention another war in the Middle East that could happen at any time on 1 of 3 different fronts. Americans better prepare for $4, $5 & perhaps $6 per gallon gas in 2007.

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The truth is..... due to the U.S. governments policies over the past decade that have kept much of the Western world dependent on foreign oil, the U.S. will remain a slave of countries in the Middle East and other OPEC regions. U.S. energy dependence has crippled its foreign policy. The U.S. has no leverage to do much of anything.

This is why energy independence is the most important issue for the U.S. As long as the White House is being pimped by the oil companies, nothing is going to change.
And this is the fault of both Republicans and Democrats. The U.S. should have launched a massive effort to achieve energy independence after the 1973 oil crisis. If the U.S. had made such an effort then, we probably would not be in such a vulnerable position now.

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