Thursday, August 07, 2008

Who Is Nikki Tinker and Why She Needs to Lose

Our fellow blogger, Skeptical Brotha, has done an excellent job outlining the harm that a candidate like Nikki Tinker would do if elected.

I was first alerted to Ms. Tinker through this post of Skeptical Brotha:

Nikki Tinker, Corporate Mammy

Ms. Tinker is in the news as of late for a vile, hateful, racebaiting commercial that she has put out against Congressman Steve Cohen of Tennessee. Cohen, who is White, took over the Congressional Seat that Harold Ford, Jr. gave up to run for Senate.

The commercial was so offensive that it earned her a spot on Keith Olbermann's ' Worst Person In The World'.

If you need more information on the commercial, you can go to Talking Points Memo - here:Nasty Ad Hits Jewish Congressman

Another source of information on Ms. Tinker is Thad Matthews. Just go to his blog and put 'Nikki Tinker' into the search engine. Mr. Matthews' local eye on her has been very informative indeed.

And, here is the latest from Skeptical Brotha, Aunt Nikki.

Key quotes:

Longtime readers of this blog know of the animosity I have for Harold Ford Jr and his demagogic brand of corporate prostitution that masquerades as political centrism. Everything he touches turns to shit and the same could be said of his protégé.

I didn’t think it was possible to be more repellent than Ford, but Aunt Nikki is the willing overseer on Pinnacle Airlines corporate plantation as Vice President for Labor Relations and General Counsel. Aunt Nikki is representative of the lowest form of human life and is the worst kind of counterfeit Negress imaginable. As an employment lawyer, she specializes in destroying employee rights to collectively bargain and be free from workplace racial discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

Her campaign report is full of two kinds of people, acquaintances from her home state of Alabama and her motley collection of crooked contacts in the business world.

My colleagues at Black Agenda Report, in their former incarnation as the writers behind Black Commentator, came up with the nifty moniker of Trojan Horse to describe Black Democrats backed surreptitiously by Republican money and the corporate and right-wing foundation elite. They highlighted BET’s Bob Johnson and politicians Cory Booker and Harold Whore, Jr. Speaking of the Whore, he has used his new wife, Emily Threlkeld Ford, to funnel more than $3300 to his protégé. The Trojan Horse moniker definitely fits Nikki Tinker to a T because as her campaign finance report shows, she is a a member in good standing of this right-wing club.

As the moniker from Greek mythology implies, Aunt Nikki is a stealth weapon of the right-wing that optimally would be used to destroy progressive black representation and the social, political, and economic viability of Black Memphis. Unfortunately for our corporate enemies on the right, Aunt Nikki’s campaign exploded today like an IED in a war zone when it released an ad which strikes a note of false religiosity and implies that Steve Cohen is a Jewish interloper unwelcome in black churches and alludes to a bill to protect “religious freedom” and the unfettered right of religious organizations to discriminate against gay and lesbian people. This is the culmination of her clumsy attempts to make inroads with the black ministerial community by pandering to the homophobia of a select group of black pastors.

It looks like the wounds are fatal. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of cynical operators and puppet masters—especially Harold Ford. As of this afternoon, Emily’s List was forced to denounce the ad with egg on their faces. Finally, with the entrance of Black state representative Joe Towns in this race and the loss of prominent civil rights leaders like Maxine Smith, Aunt Nikki’s fantasy of being the power structure’s corporate mammy in Washington is just 24 hours from a lethal rejection by the voters from which there will be no appeal.

Click on the post and view the vile commercial. This isn't anything the African-American community, nor any Democrat, should be associated with under any circumstances.

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