Saturday, August 09, 2008

Bernie Mac Has Passed Away

He was only 50 Years Old...

Bernard Jeffrey McCollough
"Bernie Mac"
October 5th 1957-- August 9th 2008

One of my favorite comedians... despite the controversies... (I didn't have to agree with everything he had to say). There was much more positive than negative....much more to like than to hate about Bernie Mac. He could always get me to laugh... a very difficult task indeed. Those who know me outside of the internet will tell you that.

I enjoyed his TV Show as well... I could always forget about the world for a moment, smile and enjoy life when I watched his show or his other performances.

His life was an American Dream story...particularly for those of us who came from the ranks of the urban poor...those who didn't have much as children. I loved how he shared some of his life story on his TV show.


rikyrah said...


I'm almost in tears as I type this. Bernie Mac was family. He was a local guy who went big, but never forgot his hometown. He never moved away from Chicago. I admit it - what I loved most about Bernie is that he married his high school sweetheart, and when he got big, he stayed with her. He was a Black man who took care of his family, and secondarily made us laugh.

Damn, he was too young. Too young.

The Angry Independent said...

That's part of what I was trying to said it better.

He was a genuine article. PERIOD.
He was someone who really reminded you of a family member.

Those little things you mentioned are what really defined him.

The Angry Independent said...

And the way he took care of family... he showed America that Black men are not all no good, deadbeats who turn their backs.

He provided us with an update of the Cosby Family.

I wonder if most Americans know that the show was largely based on his actual experiences.

Political Realm said...

Sad. Far too young.

Tafaraji said...

Hello Everyone,

I feel as if I've lost a friend, or my cousin. It's deep how this feels.

I commend everyone for keeping this thread on topic. We do so little of that online.

RIP, Bernie Mac. My condolences to his family and all those who appreciated him.