Thursday, August 21, 2008

Senator Straight Talk FORGOT How Many Houses He Has

I do not joke.

Senator Straight Talk FORGOT how many homes he has.


Well, the Obama campaign is finally striking back. About time.

Here's the new AD in response:

The Answer is SEVEN, Senator McCain

The Obama Campaign needs to POUND POUND POUND away at this.

UPDATE: Here is The Jed Report's Google Earth Tour of the McCain Residences


Andre said...

...and pounding away they have done. No sooner than I could finish my profanity-littered letter to Obama for being a wuss, his people released a pretty good attack ad about this. I'll be damned. Wonders never cease.

The Obama camp dropped the ball when they let the Phil Gramm "whiners" line go. Let's hope they can use this to muster up some much needed momentum.

Truthiz said...

It appears Obama and his staff may have gotten the message from his supporters around the country that folks are mad as h*ll about the piss-poor campaign he's been running.

Obama had better understand that there will be no shuckin-n-jivin his way into the White House. He'd better get his butt down off that perch he likes sitting on and "get the job done."

As for John McSenile...(sigh)!

Are we really surprised that he doesn't know how many homes he has? And he sure as heck doesn't remember where there all located.

But he's "ret ta be" our next President..???

Like I said, Barack had better get the job done!

The Angry Independent said...

You really have to be extra filthy dirty rich to not know how many houses you have. LOL My God!

I can't begin to imagine what kind of lifestyle that is.

And regarding Obama's campaign.... yeah he should be more aggressive.... but I don't know if this should have been the issue that they should have started with necessarily. There are so many other vulnerabilities that Mr. Magoo has that could be exploited... vulnerabilities that he would not necessarily be able to counter attack on. Obama left himself open with this one... Good right hand.... but he left himself open for the counterpunch.

Everyday I scratch my head and ask... who in the Hell is advising Obama?