Friday, August 08, 2008

Obama Reads From The Bush Script on Georgia

Obama's response to the situation in Georgia shows a lack of understanding for what is going on in the region.

His comment today (pretty generic):

"Russia should respect the territorial integrity of Georgia".

In other words.... an Obama advisor told him what to say. But it shows that he would likely be a blind supporter of Georgia just like Bush and McCain... daring Russia into a confrontation. NOT GOOD Senator Obama. This is right from the Bush Administration talking points. Here you have a situation where the two war mongers and the Democrat all agree. This is one of the main problems with the Democrats that I often discuss here on this blog.

Bush was in Beijing while all of this was going on, and once again he was asleep at the wheel (what a joke of a President). Instead of immediately going into a crisis meeting with PM Putin to resolve the issue, he reiterated his flawed position, likely agitating the Russians even he often does. I have said it a million times... that this is the wrong Administration to have in the middle of a crisis like this.

If Obama actually understood the situation, he should take a more neutral, middle of the road approach...taking no sides. He should also remove U.S. troops from Geogia... that's if we manage to get through this crisis. This just raises more questions about Obama...and reminds me of the other instances where he has been willing to sell out the best interests of the American people, for the sake of what foreign governments want- namely his approach to Israel... but there have been others.

Senator Obama, the U.S. either supports self determination or it doesn't. You either support self determination or you don't. You can't have one set of rules for Kosovo, and another set of rules for South Ossetia or any other region, just because they don't want to align themselves with the U.S.

Obama is just as hypocritical as Bush and McCain on this. On one hand, Obama wants to break U.S. dependence on foreign energy & he claims that the U.S. should not have conflicts over oil...but I guess he doesn't understand one of the reasons why the U.S. is in Georgia - to maintain oil pipelines and to secure more oil pipeline deals for America's big oil industry. Oil is one of the root causes of the competition between Russia and the U.S. in that particular region.

This is why the U.S. is doomed as a nation. This kind of reckless and nonsensical foreign policy cannot be sustained. There will have to be a fundamental change to the American imperialist mentality.

Hopefully Obama will take some time to study the situation in Georgia a little more...and refine his position. The U.S. should be in the role of mediator and peacemaker in Georgia, rather than an instigator. It should be a neutral party that will push hard for negotiations. It should not entangle itself in this conflict...or any other like it in that part of the World. These conflicts have been raging on and off for generations, with ethnic and cultural differences that were well defined long before the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Obama should be calling for an end to fighting and for Peace Talks.... from a neutral position...and he shouldn't waste anymore time doing so.

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