Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Snake Reminder - See the Forest for the Trees

Sometimes, I see comments that are so on point, and I don't believe any of the bloggers here could say it better that they should be lifted and put out front.

This wonderful comment from Manju was in my latest Bill Clinton Post:

McCain linking Clinton to the race-baiting charge was a brilliant tactical move, allowing him to exploit diviisons within the democratic party while putting Obama between a rock and a hard place.

Whats Obama to do? If he defends Clinton's accusers his hopes of uniting his party, and subsequently winning the election, are dashed. If he attacks them he ends up "admitting" that Clinton's accusers, and by extension himself since he benefitted, are Sharptonesque. Both are losing cards.

The Clinton's are powerful. There's a huge swath of the democratic party that's simply not willing to admit that they played a southern strategy. They're ideologically bound to the notion that that is resricted to the Republicans, to Nixon and Reagan. Even those who have written extensively on southern strategies, like Paul Krugman, cannot bring themselves to make this admission, despite all the evidence, lest they end up admitting that much of what the VRWC said about the Clintons was right all along. Such an admission would undermine almost 2 decades of work. Its unthinkable.

The Clinton's know this and its in their best interest to keep the party divided. Obama must lose the general in order for them to reclaim the party and power. Thus, Clinton bought up racism all by himself, knowing it would hurt Obama. Howard Wolfson, Clinton old campaign manager, is on Foxnews now making Obama out to be a racial McCarthyist. Expect Gerry Ferraro to make a reappearance in the coming months.

This is precisely why party insiders wanted Clinton to quit the race when it became obvious she couldn't win. The Clintons scorched earth policy gives McCain cover to launch all sorts of attacks on Obama, and not be blamed for it--or even have dems defend him when he does it--b/c they originated from the Clintons. Obama as race baiter, as not fit to be commander in chief, as sexist, as out of touch with hard working white Americans, and finally as election steeler who lost the popular vote.

All these charges are false and incendiary. But still very dangerous territory for Obama.

I'll remind folks of a theory by a poster on JJP, who routinely reminds us that Senator Obama is still in a fight for the nomination, and you can poo-poo that if you want, I STILL believe it's completely on point and accurate.


Nobody in Camp Clinton is interested in Unity. They've been clowning from the moment it became obvious that Hillpatine couldn't win (the night of the WISCONSIN PRIMARY) unless she STOLE it from Obama. And, the clowning hasn't abated one little bit.

I am sure that the Obama Camp understands this, but I post things like this from time to time, to remind folks to take that long range perspective and SEE exactly what Senator Obama is up against. When a Republican like Michelle Bernard has given Barack Obama more respect than 85% of the folks that show up on the tv claiming to be Democrats----step back and see the forest for the trees.

Manju is also on point about so many of the Clintonistas are mad as hell that not only were the Clintons called out for their racebaiting, but folks aren't backing down from it, and it's out there. And, if true, that the GOP is about to begin presenting commercials using Hillary Clinton, then what will come out of their mouths then?

Just yesterday, Bill Clinton was asked if Barack Obama was ready to be President, and he gave a thoroughly bullshit non-answer that could have been given by any REPUBLICAN.

Snake. Snake. Snake.

Obama should win or lose on his own terms. But, I believe a whole lot of his critics, not 'haters', but critics, don't want to acknowledge the den of vipers that he has to pass over - in his supposed ' own party' - to get to the White House.


Anonymous said...

That is a perfect example of the no win situation Obama is in when it comes to race.

That's exactly why Hillary Clinton should have stepped out of the contest when it was clear that Obama had the numbers (she took about 2 months of vital time from Obama). I knew that her staying in for so long would be damaging.

And I believe the Clintons are still waiting for Obama to have a mishap of some sort. Clinton couldn't even endorse Obama when asked a couple of days ago. A lot of that had to do with the media trying to stir up trouble... but it still showed that the Party unity deal was a fantasy.

Then again... the White Clinton supporters who are not supporting Obama probably would not have supported him anyway...no matter what. The controversy simply gave them "the out" or the excuse that they needed to vote their prejudice. Race is more important for some people than saving the sinking ship of America. They are willing to go down with the ship because of their ideology and racial bias.... knowing full well that not supporting the Democrat this time around is clearly against their own interests.

At least they are principled people.

RisingTide said...

Hillary's advisors knew she was lost after Super Tuesday.

The campaign with a glass jaw.

I don't mind hillary's true supporters (linfar included), but... her "backers" -- those fucking republicans like Scaife she got in bed with?

Fuck 'em.

Hillary will support her party, and gladly. Maybe someday she'll be glad to get out of that nest of vipers she made.