Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Democratic National Convention - Tuesday Night Open Thread

Tonight is Hillary's night.

And Mark Warner does the Keynote.

Discuss what you want.


The Angry Independent said...

I didn't watch any of the Convention coverage tonight at all...
I'm watching Milwaukee vs. the Cardinals on ESPN. (more important than this multi-million dollar choreographed informercial). I'm not watching in protest. The Convention is pointless...if the Dems can't show unity and can't introduce their platform to the people...and if Obama can't define himself, spell out his policies (esp. Foreign policy), and can't distinguish himself from the Republican candidate in any meaningful way. The whole thing is a waste of time.

Last night I only watched 3/4 of Michelle Obama's speech. I will be at work for the rest of the prime-time coverage...

I think the only part of the infomercial that I might bother to watch is Obama's speech.... just to see if he will actually explain what the hell he is going to do as President... what his political and ideological orientation is.... what his core philosophy is.... and if he has any principles whatsoever... the only principle I see so far is that he is committed to shape-shifting to fit the moment.

And that's not going to cut it.

I was supposed to be typing my Obama post tonight.... writing it has turned into a debacle. I got sidetracked.

But I will type it up and post it later on.

Have I missed anything worthy?

Truthiz said...

I forced myself to tune in to Hillary's speech last night and the truth is, IMO opinion the woman hit it completely OUT the park!

She delivered an aggressive, substantive, compelling, straight-forward, direct, and to the point, message to her supporters and to all Americans in general.

In short her message was this:

"If you truly give a d*mn about the future of this country; about your lives, and the lives of your children and grandchildren, about this world_then you d*mn well had better vote for Barack Obama to be our next Presiden!_and let me tell you exactly WHY we need Barack Obama in the White House...."

Then she proceeded to break it down, point-by-point, issue-by-issue, as she took out a can of "whip-azz" on Dubya, Dick, McSenile and the entire Rethuglican party.

Word to Obama: Hope you were taking notes!

The woman pissed me off (to say the least) during the primaries and I'll never really trust her and Bill again.

But as a far as I'm concerned, last night Hillary delivered!

Andre said...

Truth, I'm with you on this one. I never would've suspected it, but Hill actually came through last night; probably more than what Obama deserves (I guess you can tell how frustrated I am with him right now...)

I was freakin' shocked when she essentially dropped the 'if you support me, support the candidate I'm supporting' line on her minions. My jaw dropped. That single line essentially made me forgive her of the estimated 1,283 antics she pulled during the primaries.

I hope Obama can take this (along with the VERY GENEROUS gifts McCain and his friends have been giving him) and build momentum. Otherwise, I'm rolling with McKinney this November. At least I know where she stands on things.

Andre said...

Sorry for the bad link. It was linking to my post about Day 2 of the DNC.

Stupid HTML...

jurahar said...

I believe I said it publicly, but not in a post, I would never forgive the Clintons.

Never say never. Last night Hillary was slapping the "never" from my face and I was liking it.

Who could have known that Hillary could give that "spot on" brillant speech.

Thank you McCain campaign. You keep talking about how she was pushed aside and the whole world was waiting and watching to see what she would do. She had to have exceeded all expectations. Last night was her defining moment and she won Olympic Gold.

Never seen Bill Clinton so joyous, proud and teary-eyed.

Andre, as far as Obama taking these gifts - Obama's strategy is from the King of Kings, Muhammad Al -- the Rope A Dope.

I don't believe it, C-SPAN is going to do her speech again and I'm going to watch it for the third time.