Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Black Reporter Escorted Out of McCain Event

Oh.... but there is no race problem with the McCain camp. In fact, the Republican Party has no problem with race at all.... look, they have Michael Steele, Uncle Clarence, Ken Blackwell...and their Black outreach program has been a huge succe...... Oh wait. Nevermind. But you get the point. The Republicans and John McCain have nothing to be concerned about, and they definitely don't play any race cards.

Tell that to Stephen Price, a Sr. reporter with the Tallahassee Democrat, who was removed from a McCain event in Panama City Florida last week. The McCain camp initially claimed that they did nothing wrong and that it was Mr. Price who screwed up. He was in the "wrong place" (with a group of White reporters with the same Press credentials). But now the McCain folks have flip flopped on that and they are going into damage control mode. Now all of a sudden they are sorry. Their "we're sorry" seems so calculated it makes me sick. They know damn well that if bloggers had not picked up on this, they wouldn't be apologizing. Their initial reaction said it all.

Stephen Price Interviewed By Keith Olbermann

And Race isn't the only problem with McCain & Co., they have a gender problem too. Have you heard about McCain's appearance at the Sturgis Biker Fest? He apparently offered to have his wife take part in one of the stripper contests. Interesting! That's after calling his wife the C-word.

Now that's good old Republican family values for you. But the mainstream media will give him a pass. If Obama had said anything remotely close to this ..... the media would be on his case from now to November (and probably until the grave). The media double standard is unbelievable.

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artchess said...

Now who's playing the race card?