Monday, August 11, 2008

Just a Reminder: See the Forest

As you watch the MSM, where Senator Obama is being criticized for being an ' elitist' because? He went back home to Hawaii to visit his elderly grandmother (this means you, Cokie Roberts)....

McCain's latest ad is a nanosecond away from 'CALL ME'...

You have Bob Kerrey casting doubt about Obama's electability(don't forget - Kerrey was the one who said Obama was great because Obama was a Muslim and there were a billion Muslims and Obama went to a secular madrassa? And, of course, he ' apologized')..

Russell Feingold praising McSame..

and Wolfson talking about Edwards cost Hillpatine the Iowa Caucus..

I will remind you:

See the Forest.

NONE of this is accidental.

Craig Hickman sees it clearly:

Monday, August 11, 2008
Those Fighting The War Against Barack

THOSE FIGHTING the war against Barack are making their voices louder, all at the same time.

Such a fever pitch.

Their intent is clear.

Barack must be stopped at all costs.

The confluence of recent events on the campaign trail is no coincidence. I don't need to cite any examples. If you're paying attention, you know exactly what I'm talking about. If you aren't, then ignorance is bliss.

Those fighting the war against Barack are targeting delegates to the national convention and they're dog whistling to nutcases.

The next five months is going to be a turning point in American history.

That's where we are.

You can say I'm positing a "sky is falling" overreaction, but history provides plenty of evidence that the mood and atmosphere that exists right now is just the kind that precipitates stopping insurgent leaders from claiming power.

Doesn't matter the political system.

The tools of propaganda, at once blatant and insidious, work anywhere.

John McCain is the most dangerous presidential candidate I've witnessed in my lifetime.

Those fighting the war against Barack would make you think Barack deserves that description.

Those fighting the war against Barack are flat-out making stuff up in order to inflame folks.

You better believe this is the most important election in 100 years.

Pray for Barack and his family if you are inclined to do so.


Indeed I will, Brother Craig.
Indeed I will.

See the Forest.

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The Angry Independent said...

I'm a little concerned about the Convention...

Perhaps it's just the media trying to stir up trouble... but the reports I have been hearing are not good.

Anyone know for sure whether there are going to be these protesters at the Convention (protesting for Hillary)?

That won't be a very good image for Obama and the Dems.

The hostility towards Obama has been extreme. I have a hard time believing that a white candidate would be getting this kind of treatment. The quiet undertone through this whole campaign season has been that there is something innately wrong with a Black if we don't stop him... it's going to be the end of America....(you hear that undertone with the news pundits, the Clinton folks, Republicans, Talk Radio hosts, Reporters, Journalists, etc). There is no way that Clinton & her surrogates would have put up that kind of a fight (and they are still resistant) if Biden, Edwards, Richardson or Dodd had won. This election is showing a few good things about America... but it is also bringing out the ugly.

That's why I hate when Obama is accused of being the media darling... PLEASE! If he were the media darling, he would be leading by double digits. Not all of the Obama attention has been positive. I don't think it is my imagination that when I look at the mainstream news they are constantly sending these negative "in between the lines" (and often overt) messages about Obama. I see/hear it in just about every news segment.

At least I know i'm not the only one noticing this madness.