Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The Swiftboaters Are Back For a Sequel- This Time They Are Gunning for Obama

The Republicans Are At it Again. The Anti-John Kerry Author Returns, But Will His Boat Float This Time? It Shouldn't.... Not With All These Damn Holes In It.

Republican Party propagandist and hack Jerome Corsi, the author of the anti-Kerry Swiftboat campaign book "Unfit for Command", has come out with a new book aimed at Swiftboating Barack Obama. But it turns out that the book is full of holes and lies. It has not been able to stand up to any fact checking so far. In fact, Corsi has once again been shown to be a liar. Media Matters wasted no time finding all of the bull in the book. The man couldn't even provide simple facts such as the correct name of Obama's mother.

The book followed the usual script for attacking Obama... it tried to highlight Obama as an outsider who is different, and played up his fathers religion by lying about the relationship between his parents... really sleazy stuff. The purpose of the book was clearly to scare people about Obama by painting him as a radical, suggesting he is a Muslim and a terrorist sympathizer, painting his as the traditional "Black politician" who would be a roll of the dice for voters... all of the nonsense that we have already heard and read. Basically it is an echo chamber designed to reaffirm the fears of White Conservatives who were never going to vote for Obama anyway. But it really seems to be designed to create doubts in the minds of those Moderate and Independent White voters who might be on the fence or leaning in Obama's direction. But of course... this isn't a case of the Republicans playing the Race card... McCain and his surrogates simply don't play the race card.

Who Is Jerome Corsi? See Here.

Corsi Interviewed by MSNBC host Contessa Brewer (video may take a while to patient)

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