Thursday, August 14, 2008

Clinton's Name To Be Read As Possible Nominee

Clinton's name will be read at the Democratic Convention, a move that some believe will unite the Party. But I don't see how that shows unity. It will only be a sign of more confusion and the media will use it to speculate about discord within the Democratic Party. It is also still not clear whether this will lead Clinton to call off the dogs once and for all. There are groups of Clinton supporters who just don't want to cooperate. Several plan to try to disrupt the event. The idea of Obama becoming the official nominee is just unacceptable to many Americans, regardless of Party affiliation or ideological leanings - The Clinton/Obama fiasco has proved that. Conservatives and Southerners don't own the patent on bigotry.

Will the Clintonites finally be satisfied or will they still give Obama the cold shoulder? I have a feeling that some may find other reasons not to support Obama. But I hope it helps Obama in the long run. I am not crazy about the idea of an Obama administration.... but I am horrified by the idea of McCain being in the White House.

I hope the Convention doesn't turn into a media circus centered on the candidates....while the platform for the American people gets ignored. Dems have to make clear what the differences are with the Republican candidate....they have to convince voters why a Democrat should be elected....regardless of what background that candidate happens to come from.
Obama must also develop some kind of lasting positive image that the American people will be comfortable with.

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