Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Democratic National Convention - Wednesday Night Open Thread

Bill Clinton will be speaking tonight.

But, tonight is Vice-Presidential Nominee Joe Biden's Night.

Discuss people!!!



rikyrah said...

I cried when it happened. I didn't think I would get moved like that, but I did.

Jeff Rivers said...

I'm glad it was Kerry, and not Biden, who had to follow Clinton.

Anonymous said...

I'm sad, because my mom and dad didn't live to see the first black presidential nominee.

On another note, I hope Biden doesn't slip up (he just mentioned Russia and Georgia), and say something something stupid.

Okay, now Biden is getting a little hawkish for me.

Why isn't anyone talking about Guantanamo??

Jeff Rivers said...

Biden ended up killing. Obama was a nice bow on the evening. Tomorrow is going to rock.

I hope weather is good.

rikyrah said...

If Kerry had spoken like that 4 years ago, he'd be President.

Political Realm said...

Biden's speech was great. The emotion was palpable.

The Angry Independent said...


I made the mistake of cheating on my own protest...and listened to some of the speeches tonight while at work. (the sign of a true political junkie). I heard Kerry, Biden, and Clinton.(when I wasn't distracted).

To be honest... Kerry stole the show. I said it 4 years ago and i'll say it again... Kerry would have made a great President. America really missed an opportunity to launch what would have probably been one of the greatest Presidencies in U.S. history. Unfortunately... voters caved to fear (i'll never forget what Cheney did during the campaign... telling voters that terrorist boogey men would kill them if they voted their hopes). That was probably the most despicable act of the Bush-Cheney regime... other than the Iraq war.

Clinton was Clinton. (I have despised this man for years...and will probably despise him for the rest of my life.... but he knows how to give a good speech and to make a case).

And Biden was o.k.

My problem with the event is that the Dems are still competing to see who can be the most hawkish.

Bidens son celebrated the U.S. attack on Yugoslavia as some sort of highlight of his fathers work...and of the Clinton Administration.

Also, Biden mentioned (on the informercial video) that he thought the Iraq war was an unnecessary one... yet he was one of the few Democratic Senators who was actively seeking regime change in Iraq prior to the invasion. Exactly who was Biden trying to fool? He was encouraging Bush to invade... then when things didn't go particularly well after the invasion... all of a sudden he tried to claim that he didn't realize what Bush would do with the Congressional stamp of approval... EVERYONE KNEW WHAT THAT VOTE MEANT. I guess Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton were the only clueless members of Congress (two smart, intelligent Senators). OH PLEASE!! Such bologna!

Biden (or Bill mind is all mixed up tonight) also mentioned that Obama would "stand up" to those enemies who did not want to cooperate. Exactly what does that mean? What is the context?

Also... Kerry (and I believe Clinton) mentioned that Obama would use force only as a last resort.... but under what context... under what kind of foreign policy? A person who makes a living doing armed robberies might kill only as a last resort when the victim doesn't cooperate(sounds honorable when taken out of its wider context) but it doesn't address the issue of the armed robberies...and that the entire premise is morally wrong to begin with. Either way... someone on the other end is being's just a question of the severity of that victimization.

It seems to me that Obama essentially wants a traditional American status quo foreign policy...ala the Clinton Administration. That's a flavor of Kool-Aid that I can't drink. It doesn't look like the fundamental change that Obama claims to represent.

They did not address what kind of foreign policy Obama will have....and as I mentioned it looks like they want business as usual... sort of a Bush-lite or Diet Neo-Conservative foreign policy. It is for that reason (primarily) that I will not and cannot vote for Barack Obama....under any circumstances.

Also notice how Pres. Carter was basically cut out of the event? Some believe (including myself) that it had to do with his disdain for the Bush Administration... his willingness to speak his mind and speak truth to power...and his willingness to call a duck a duck when criticizing Israel & the U.S. regarding their treatment of Palestinians.

The last thing that Obama wants to do is offend AIPAC or Israel.

Again... a sign of Obama caving on something that should be a principled moral stand for a man with a heart and Soul.

Another reason that I can't vote for him.

The Angry Independent said...

Duckworth was also good... can't forget about her.

I remember her from before she got shot down.... she was showcased on CNN or one of the major networks as a trailblazing female combat pilot. 2 years later... I heard the story about her being shot down and losing her legs.

Everything after that has been amazing... her run for Congress... her assignment to the Illinois VA... her challenging the Neo-Cons on patriotism (esp. those who never served)...her fight for Veterans issues, her struggle to recover.... her story has been incredible.

Someone should do a movie on this woman.

Truthiz said...

Watching it all play out_meaning the Roll-Call, the growing cheers as each state announced their delegate vote count (which turned out to be not even close thanks to Hillary releasing her delegates earlier in the day). And then watching Hillary represent the state of New York by moving to end the Roll-Call and nominate Barack acclimation by, which sent the cheers into overdrive...Nancy Pelosi asking for a "second" etc.

We (my mother and I) were both blown away by the historical reality of what were witnessing. A Black man was formally nominated by a major political Party to become the next President of the United States_and people of ALL races and backgrounds were cheering wildly in support of that nomination_WoW!

I enjoyed the entire evening, including Kerry. He really surprised me! But everbody was fired up.

Truthiz said...

Ooops, I meant to write:

"And then watching Hillary represent the state of New York by moving to end the Roll-Call and nominate Barack Obama by acclamation..."

rikyrah said...


You know I'm technologically challenged.

Please post the John Kerry Speech video. I think it should be shared.