Sunday, August 17, 2008

Barack Obama Raises 51 Million in July


Obama nearly doubles McCain haul
By MIKE ALLEN | 8/16/08 11:55 AM EST Text Size:

Barack Obama raised $51 million in July, nearly twice as much as John McCain.

McCain revealed Friday that he raised $27 million last month, his best month of the campaign.

The summer surge pushed Obama over the $400 million mark for what he's raised over the entire campaign, to $401 million. McCain has raised about $171 million, less than half as much.

Obama finished July with $68.5 million cash on hand, versus $21 million for McCain.

On Saturday morning, Obama’s campaign announced his own huge haul. Here’s the text of the release:

More than 65,000 New Donors Contributed to the Obama Campaign in July, Bringing July Total to Over $51 Million

Obama campaign has $65.8 million on hand


CHICAGO — Senator Barack Obama’s campaign announced today that more than 65,000 new donors contributed to the Obama campaign during the month of July, bringing the total raised for the month to over $51 million. More than 2 million people have now contributed to the campaign.

“The 65,000 new donors to the Obama campaign demonstrate just how strongly the American people are looking to fundamentally change business as usual in Washington. We are proud of the millions of volunteers and more than two million donors to the Obama campaign who will provide the backbone of our campaign to put America back on track and reject the old politics and failed Bush policies, which is all John McCain is offering,” said David Plouffe, campaign manager of Obama for America.

I'm glad he rejected public financing.


Truthiz said...

Greetings Rikyrah!

I've been out of commission the past 2 weeks while relocating from PA to SC, my new home for at least the next 6 months (work assignment).

I missed reading the posts and participating at MOA but I'm back now :)

Okay, so here's my 2 cents on this post:

As has been shown time-and-time again, Barack has an impressive fund-raising strategy!

However (and this is just a side-note)...

I caught Obama's "performance" at the forum hosted by Pastor Rick Warren at Warren's Saddleback Church this past Saturday evening and IMO, Barack sucked BIG time!

If Barack's goal was to triangulate in giving MOST of his answers to the point that he'd darn near strangle himself(?) Well then, "Mission Accomplished".

He talked so much NON-specific BS that I knew there was NO way that McSenile could do worse and I was right. McSenile won that forum hands down!

I often vent about Barack's inability to give concrete answers to practically ANY question. Now I hear that the DNC is planning to take steps to "define" Obama at the convention.

Geee, and why, pray tell, would they feel the nedd to do that?!

Because the guy can come up with a strategy to win the nomination via caucuses_he can raise money hand-over-fist. But somehow he just can't seem to give a "straight" answer and "define" himself to save his life!


The Angry Independent said...

Now if they only knew how to spend it....

Obama has been losing the PR war over the last 2-3 weeks.

There is a devastating McCain ad that has been running here in Missouri for at least 2 weeks.... unanswered by the Obama campaign.

I see some of the same lameness on the national level as well.

Andre said...

"Lameness" is right. I'm almost tempted to call Obama right now and demand an explanation on what he's doing with my money. Lord knows it's not going into putting up a good fight.