Friday, August 29, 2008

"Country First"? Hardly, John McCain

The first important decision a Presidential Nominee makes is selecting their Vice-Presidential running mate. This is the person that you are telling the nation will take over in case the ' unthinkable' happens.

You are literally vouching for this person to the American people.

You are saying, " I searched, America, and just in case, this person is ready in the moment after tragedy strikes to lead this nation."

People are right. The Democrats don't need to attack Palin - her resume is out there for all to see.

We need to attack McCain.

THIS is HIS Judgement.

THIS is what he thinks about America.

Choosing Palin shows that he has nothing but utter contempt for The United States of America.


The Angry Independent said...

Lord Please Have Mercy!

The Angry Independent said...

My mind is not together right now...

But I will be with you all in just a few (hours).

Truthiz said...

"Choosing Palin shows that he has nothing but utter contempt for The United States of America."

And for the American people!

The Democratic convention_which was flawlessly presented to the American people and the entire world_shook McSenile and his "masters" to the core. He literally made a "Hail Mary" decision in choosing his VP driven by sheer panic!

IMO, it was that same kind of panic driven and desperate thinking that ultimately cost Hillary the nomination.

But back to McSenile and his "masters":

Clearly, the "GOP" has lost its way. That party is now totally controlled by an UNholy alliance of reich-wingers who aggressively push Khristianism, NeoConservatism and Militarism or Military FIRST. It's all held together by a very dangerous "Group-think" mentality.

McSenile, like Dubya, is but the latest puppet that evil-azz alliance has chosen to carry out its will.

I hope that the majority of Americans who vote will really take a long hard look at this whole picture and see it for what it is!

Andre said...

Politically, this was a clever move. Not smart necessarily; but definitely clever. If I'd venture a guess, I'd say that at least 20% of Hill's supporters who may have had second thoughts about defecting to the McCain camp will now do just that. For the females in that group, I'd say that number is likely to increase. Women voters felt voiceless during the primaries (why I'll never know...). Adding an "all American girl" to his ticket will allow McCain ride on that emotional wave of gender all the way to November. Thus, the cleverness behind his selection.

It wasn't so smart because he chose Palin. McCain could've probably accomplished the same feat of getting more female supporters by placing a qualified person on his ballot, whom he ACTUALLY knows (i.e. Clinton herself). So in that respect, his 'clever' move was still nevertheless not so smart.

Ultimately, I'm not entirely convinced that pissed off Clinton supporters - women especially - completely gave in to Hill's plea that they make this election less about her and more about the country's interests. They may talk a mean game about how they will following Hillary in supporting Obama. But when the rubber meets the road and they've got the privacy of a voting booth, I expect for their frustrations to come out. They'll support a ticket with whitefemale with no qualifications before they'd support a ticket with the guy who just beat their champion.

Instead of the Bradley affect, maybe we should rename it the Obama affect.

Andre said...

But at least if McCain takes the White House, he'll have a MUCH HOTTER VEEP than Cheney.

I'm just sayin...