Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lead Shrinking For Obama

Is Obama Beginning to Lose His Message?

New polling data shows that Obama's advantage over McCain has probably been wiped out. Several polls now have McCain within the margin of error. I had the feeling that Obama would have a fight on his hands because he was never able to pull away. Back in June I mentioned that Obama should be way ahead of McCain at this point. So why isn't Obama pulling away in the polls? Some believe that it has to do with tensions within the Democratic Party. But that may be a convenient way to avoid the elephant in the room.

I believe that Race is playing more of a role in this than people want to admit. I have a hard time believing that there would be this much lingering doubt about any of the white candidates who took part in the primary. I have my own issues with Obama, particularly with his foreign policy for which he tries to model after Neoconservative warhawks. There is no "change" there at all.... more like business as usual. That's one of the reasons why Obama has not compelled me to vote.

Another problem for Obama has been negative media coverage. Yes he gets significant coverage, but not all of that coverage has been positive for him. On the other hand, McCain tends to get off easy, even when significant questions arise about his character, and how he would perform as President. No reporter wants to be seen as the media boogey man who challenged the War Hero and former POW. So McCain is protected in a way that Obama is not.... not to mention the Race advantage.

Another problem for Obama has been that he has allowed McCain to co-opt a lot of his platform. All of a sudden, McCain is the alternative energy candidate? Obama should have never allowed McCain to transform himself this way and steal his ideas.....ideas that Obama has been speaking about for a couple of years at least. McCain didn't start vigorously discussing the need to end dependence on foreign oil (as a priority) until a couple of months ago. Obama has to reclaim that issue as something positive for him and never allow his opponent to steal any part of his platform again.

Has Obama lost his message?


rikyrah said...

I think he's doing fine, considering that he's going up against McCain, the Media, and traitorous Democrats. Look at the state-by-state polls, AI. He's doing well there.

The Angry Independent said...

Yeah I know... I always say that the General Election is 50 separate elections. But that national number has a psychological effect. It shows how a candidate is politically mortal.

The fact is, Obama should be way ahead right now. I am convinced that any generic White Democrat would be doing better.... as the voter sentiment data shows (progressive, kitchen table/pocket book issues are guiding voters more towards the Democratic platform than the Republican platform). But when Barack is the candidate...all of a sudden we have a tie.

It just reminds me of 2000 and 2004. In 2000 Gore actually led Bush for most of the campaign...with very similar numbers. 2004.... same thing.. you had a candidate that was clearly superior to Bush in damn near every measure.... creamed him in 3 debates (made Bush look like a fool on international TV)....but American zombies voted against their own best interests anyway.

I see the same thing happening again. It's always some kind of damn fear. In 2000, it was the culture war.... progressive vs. Conservative... Clinton had just been impeached for bringing shame on the White the same time, you had a strong Republican Congress riding high on their moral image.

In 2004, they scared Americans to death with terrorism....and by attacking a war veteran. Remember Cheney telling voters that they would die if they voted for Kerry...that terrorists would come and kill them? I will never forget that as long as I live. It was one of the creepiest things I have ever seen from a major American political figure... 3rd world stuff...but it worked.

In 2008 the fear will be Race. You are taking a risk by voting for that Black guy... and this sickness is beginning to take hold.

American politics....stupid American voters...and the bigotry and racism that drives them, really makes me physically sick.


Off topic:

McCain has been playing the Hell out of an anti-Obama ad here in Missouri... the ad about Taxes. I have heard it several times a day on our largests talk/news station. But there have been no ads from Obama.

Obama should also hook up with Jay Nixon here.... Nixon can help carry Obama to victory in the State. Nixon is a popular atty General who will win the Governorship easily.... and Obama could ride that wave. But he needs to be more visible in the State...and needs to run ads more strategically.

He also needs to get back to connecting Bush with McCain.

What the Hell has Obama been doing the last 2-3 weeks?