Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why Do Black Women Do This?

Van Jones is attacked (by Black women) because of his choice in a partner. There seemed to be no issue with Jones (not with many minorities) until this came to light.

But it doesn't surprise me.... in fact, it would be a surprise if he weren't attacked for this. That's what you can always expect from the so-called "Black Community"... I expect nothing less.

But somehow Black women can't see the forest for the trees... they can't see how unattractive this makes them look. They don't get it.

You would think that the fact that so many are single would lead them to some sort of self reflection.... but nope.... they continue the path down the same rat hole at an even faster pace. Despite their marriage rates being at the bottom, there is no change in their line of thinking whatsoever. They never see the possibility that perhaps they could change how they see the World or that they could change how they do things.... No. It's never about them. The problems are always with someone else. Of course, this thought process leads to a situation where there is seldom any self reflection, improvement/correction, etc...and the cycle never stops.

I try to avoid this particular topic...but this was annoying.


RiPPa said...

Hi rikyrah,

It's disgusting isn't it?

I came across similar sentiments a few weeks ago both from a Black female conservative perspective and I was inspired to write a post on it. If you don't mind, could you checkout my thoughts and share yours as you see it. The debate got a little heated.

Brian said...


This is The Angry Independent....but Rikyrah IS Wonderful, lol... so I see how you could have made the mixup.

But is disgusting and annoying. I just don't understand it. I found the link from another "Black Women's Empowerment" blog where the main activity is bashing all Black men. When I saw the photo and the comments, I almost couldn't believe it.
Completely unwarranted, nasty attack against this man.

I'm not even a big fan of Van Jones...and hadn't heard of him before Obama made the appointment...or before I read about him online (not sure which came first)....but I did not know of him for very long before he was targeted by Glenn Beck and the Right wing media.

This is why I am so distant from Black culture.... don't identify with it.... and can't stand it.

I will take a look at what you posted.

Andre said...


I agree that some women (I have to emphasize the word some, lest I be accused of making sweeping generalizations) pitch hissy fits when brothas go for white women...even when THEY seemingly only go for thugs. But I think some of backlash towards Van Jones goes deeper than that. For some of Van Jones' opponents (and, yes, that includes certain women pissed off about black men dating interracially) were licking their chops at this particular story b/c he came across - or was portrayed, at least - as the ultimate black radical. The ultimate black radical who...likes his women a little to the left of milk. It almost reminds me of the dude on "I'm Gonna Git U Sucka"; the Black Panther with the white family.

Now, I personally don't know anything about Van Jones. Like you, I only started learning about him once he was appointed by Obama and subsequently smeared by the right. So I'm not sure how true it is that Van Jones is Huey P. Newton incarnated. But if he really ISN'T some radical, black boogeyman as depicted by the right, it would be a shame that some sistahs are using that smear as an indictment on his choice in partners.